02 February 2009

What Pissed Me Off About The "Game That I Cannot Mention It's Real Name For Fear That NFL & NBC Will Sue The Crap Out Of Me"

First off, Happy Groundhog Day! Let me just start by saying if I don't get my way with this freakin' rodent, I might have to find, kill and eat him! That's right, I want spring! I'm ready to ride. Hell with this "six more weeks of winter" crap! Yeah, you guessed it! I'm fired up! Why? I'll tell you...

Wow, where on earth can I even start today. I guess I've kinda stuck myself with commenting on what I hated about the "Game That I Cannot Mention It's Real Name For Fear That NFL & NBC Will Sue The Crap Out Of Me", aren't I? Ehh, OK. I have so much to work wit if I go in that direction anyway. The first thing, I guess, could be considered what pissed me off about the "Game That I Cannot Mention It's Real Name For Fear That NFL & NBC Will Sue The Crap Out Of Me" pregame. You see, one of the high points of my youth was listening to Steve Perry and Journey. Well, it's dead! Yeah, Steve is gone and so is Randy "Yo Dawg!" Jackson. As a matter of fact, the ONLY two original members are Neal Schon, and Ross Valory! I hardly call it Journey. For God's sake, the new guy is some dude who doesn't even sound remotely like Perry. At least Steve Augeri sounded kind of like Perry while he was in the group!

OK, secondly, and I might be outing myself here a bit but..., Keith Olbermann?! Seriously?! I'm throwing a WTF card on him! What could Olbermann, the douche bag, bring to the table in a sporting event? To be fair, Olbermann annoys me as Limbaugh. There I said it! WHAT!? Seriously, I realize it's NBC, but what could the guy possibly bring to the table?

Half time, well, kinda. What was the final call of the half. Am I seriously the only person who saw that as a down for Pittsburgh? I mean, his knee was down at the one! Mind you, it's almost a moot point, but it's the difference between 10-7 and 17-7.

The commercials. Ugh, where to start with the commercials. People paid upwards of $3 Mil for this crap! Seriously! (God I hope Roy had nothing to do with any of the commercials I hated.) Dare I say that the highlight may have been the Doritos commercial. He threw the crystal ball through the vending machine, then the guy hit his boss in the hoo-ha with it! Wow... that was my hi-light? Ugh. Am I the only one who was left thinking: We have the most craziest nuts debt (or something similarly incoherent) that we've ever had, and these d-bag advertisers are paying what?! How much are these idiots being paid to play tonight? What did these people pay for tickets? Houston, we have [more than] a [few] problem[s].

An old friend of my wife pointed out, what I noticed, in a wicked funny way. "There are more flags in this game than at the united nations!" Couldn't have said it better myself. Admittedly, this might have been the highlight of the game for me. If not that, the safety called at 2:58. "The [aforementioned] Game XXV" was the last time a safety was called in the... you know. But back to the flags, they were a bit one sided against Phoenix.

All in all I was left less than blown away by the Supe... Er, "Game That I Cannot Mention It's Real Name For Fear That NFL & NBC Will Sue The Crap Out Of Me". HA! NFL & NBC, you thought you had me, huh? Not this guy! This guy is too smart or you. Bottom line is my boys, Phoenix, put on a hell of a game, and I still hate Pittsburgh. I think there's a lot to be said for Phoenix. A team that was the red headed step kid of the game. The underdog who, by everyone's best estimates, had no shot in hell of even getting there made me proud!

Hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did.

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Bluenoser said...

Don't know, didn't watch, not interested. But, there seemed to be this great flat out Real World Cyclocross Championships yesterday. Go figure.