03 February 2009

Snow Problem, And The Lean Look Revamp

I don't feel as though I've complained about Cleveland's weather enough. That or I just haven't got my point across how much snow we have.What is this? You ask. I'll tell you. Somewhere in that picture is a bicycle. Seriously! You don't believe me? Go on, look harder. Yup, That's a wheel sticking up perfectly straight in the more than a foot of snow that feel in one day last Wednesday. Mental note to me: Get an interview with that crazy Jill chick Up In Alaska. Find out how the hell she does it.

Anyway, it's kept me in quite a bit. I haven't been able to ride outdoors, seriously, in I can't even tell you when. OK, lie... I did New Years Eve. Regardless. I cracked out the rollers, busted up both elbows, my knee, ego, and a door. OK so I didn't fall intot he door, I hit the door but... Anyone know a good anger management treatment? If I keep the rollers, I'm sure to spend thousands on doors. I need to make some crazy cash [legally] so I could just buy the damn fluid trainer. You remember, the one I put off to buy the MTB.

Finally, the Lean Look Challenge is back on... sort of. Bluenoser, and now Harp are both in on it, and it's a go Monday February 9th! So, if you're interested in being in on it go, like, now and get The Lean Look: Burn Fat, Tone Muscles and Transform Your Body in Twelve Weeks Using the Secrets of Professional Athletes by Paul Goldberg and Matthew Fitzgerald. Damn, I just love how verbose they made that title! As far as my weigh in for this week, let's just say starting from scratch. I'm back to my January 5th stats. The goal this time: Actually try.

1 comment:

Highwaymunky said...

To resolve your roller issue you need:
6 large free standing punch bags,
Some string,

3 punch bags on each side of the bike tied with string.

When you fall off you fall onto the bags and they will cushion your fall.... then again it may be easier to let the air out of your tyres and fall into the snow.

We've had snow only 6 inches though.... not the same at all is it?