15 February 2009

Tour Of California - Sunday, Stage One

*Most if not all times are pretty rough. I'm curious how close to Fatty's observations this will be? For fun, I will avoid his posts and compare later. maybe it'll actually make this kind of fun.

18:00 EST (15:00 PST): It is wet

18:20: Cancellara is out. He has a fever.

18:25: Lot's of "BS talking". The rain is keeping the choppers and planes out of the air. No RF feeds.
Sidenotes: Dave Zabriskie doesn't have the wicked handlebar mustache. *sad*
Lance is back riding on US soil after 3 years.

18:30: Recap of the top ten after the prologue, since this all seems to be going nowhere fast.
Fabian Cancellara SUI 4:32:909
Levi Leipheimer USA +1.204
David Zabriskie USA +2.648
Michael Rogers AUS +2.790
Thor Hushovd NOR +3.132
George Hincapie USA +3.342
Tom Boonen BEL +3.432
Mark Renshaw AUS +4.053
Svein Tuft CAN +4.155
Lance Armstrong USA +4.264

18:35: Bob Roll asks Lance if he was pleased be the positive results so far. Same bike from Australia 1274 The number of days from last stage of the 2005 TdF to the first day this years Tour Down Under, and 27.5 is the approximate number in MILLIONS of people who died in those 1274 days. Lance chuckles at his bike being one of the bikes that Astana had stolen out of their truck. He took a minute to point out that he has a back up TT bike, and that this bike is a (basically) one of a kind. Thatg unless you keep it in you bedroom and never let ANYONE see it you'd get busted and they will get the bike back.
*This poses an interesting question in my mind. What the hell do you think you'll do with a one of Livestrong TT bike? Why even bother stealing it?

18:40: they are showing the womens race. I really need to break my promise and see what the heck Fatty has to say. I'm about to fall asleep. Sorry, but I have to look at what he's saying. I'll be back. By the way, is anyone keeping up with this?

18:50: They just announced, Mancebo, of Rock Racing fame, is in the lead.

18:55: Fatty confirms that Mancebo is, in fact, the leader. Also, I think Fatty would agree that $170 is way too much (Rock Racing) for a jersey. Also. Bobke lost more hair! You could tell in his Landis interview.

19:00: Seriously. If no one is reading this blasted thing, I'd LOVE to stop. I hate live blogging. OH! We just saw Mancebo's ass. The "A" on the ass of the Rock Racing shorts is an anarchy sign. How punk rock Mike Ball! Can I call you Mike?

19:05: First shot of the 25 or so in the chase group. Mancebo has cut his lead to just over four minutes.
Sidebar: Does anyone else thin Michael Ball may be behind Lance's bike turning up missing?

19:10: Sidebar, again: Does anyone else think the Rock Racing Cadillac's are just plain tacky?

19:15: Apparently Mancebo broke away at, about, mile five of 108. By the way, Sidebar: We're in the States... Why all the Keelometer (Km) talk? I understand that we should just go metric, but c'mon!

19:20: Gap is now three minutes. So far my fantasy standing are in the toilet!

19:25: Now the fun begins. Mancebo is in the final ten miles, and he looks like he is going to die. Into the first of three laps of the final circuit. Gap was seriously overrated! They think it was in the minute to minute ten second gap.

19:30: Yea! Only thirty more minutes, then I could be productive. This has been a bit painful. I promise that I will not do this again this week... At all!
Landis is leading the main Peloton, after dropping off the back of the chase group. OUCH! What a silly name for a team.

19:33: Mancebo crosses the finish in the first of three circuits.

19:34: The chase group dropped to a minute forty behind Mancebo as they cross the line for circuit one of three. Lance is at the back of the chase group, likely getting ready for a big finish.

19:38: They are suggesting that the chase group has actually "stopped racing". They brought the lead down enough that they are going to "let Rock Racing take this stage" and have to fight here on out. Maybe "Astana was sick of fighting", that they laid back thinking, "we're doing it all" and "if you want to catch him go". Ugh... I need more wine.

19:42: The Mancebo gap is now two plus minutes. Lance is on the front end of the chase, save Vincenzo Nibali. Nibali is right on the back wheel of Mancebo.

19:45: Now, time for a dumb comment: They should use fenders.

19:48: Mancebo wins the Yellow for the day.

19:50: The chase comes in with Lance Armstrong in the lead of the Chase group. This moves Astana to the top of the team standings.

19:54: The main peloton crosses the line, about five minutes behind.

Alright, that's all for today. A shout out to Fatty for calling Van de Walle "Vandewarladfaksldfasdfklll". Nice Fatty! I dig it. Tomorrow is Sausalito to Santa Cruz live at 12:30PM ET, 9:30AM PST. See you all tomorrow. Have a good night.

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