16 February 2009

Lean Look Numbers

Well, we're done with week one! I', beginning to think that I need to do measurements on Tuesday or something. It seems that every Monday I have an inflated number that drops by Tuesday morning. An example of this? Here are today's numbers:
Weight: 188.2
Waist: 37
Neck: 15.5
Body Fat % Calculation Estimate: 22
That's right, according to this time last week I'm up .1 pound. However, Tuesday of last I was at 185.4 so I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings. I do seem to drink less water on Sunday, for some reason, and wonder if that might have to do with it. Oh well, we'll see tomorrow.

As for today's post, check back later, and I'm sure I'll put something up this afternoon.

1 comment:

Ron said...

how did you calculate body fat%?