26 January 2009

Crazy Weekend

I must say that I agree with Rick Smith, er, Yehuda Moon...I totally hate winter riding. OK, that's a bit strong. I don't mind riding in the snow, depending on the depth. Furthermore, I don't entirely mind the cold, however the colder it is outside the worse the asthma is. So I guess the bottom line is I dislike riding in most cold wether situations with deep snow.

Friday I cut out of work early. I wasn't being productive anyway, and everyone and everything was making me extremely and violently angry. I was nearing the point where I was finding myself wanting to cause bodily injury to someone, just to do it. I knew what I needed. I cut out, flew home, and jumped on the MTB. I got to the "improved trail", read: crushed stone, and the second I hit hit came to a dead stop! It had been in the mid thirties durring the day, and had fallen into the twenties now. I hit the snow and both tires crunched into the snow, and than sank to the rotors of my disc brakes. As a matter of fact, the calipers were buried and completely seized packed with snow and ice. It was futile to continue down this path, no pun intended.

So I quickly headed off to the roads, I basically got to run a set of intervals. It was nice to get back into the saddle. It's been since sometime in the first week of the new year. One big issue was the cold. It was in the twenties and the winds were gusting pretty hard. Hard enough to blow me sideways into the next lane if I wasn't paying attention. Also, I accidentally grabbed a pair of cotton socks instead of the wool ones I meant to. I felt like Yehuda, "...the feeling will return to my feet." Saturday and Sunday just kind of stunk. Ran into craziness on SaturdayWe weren't even supposed to have snow, and I was stuck on the freeway in about a half foot. Cleveland freeways SUCK normally (no one in the city knows how to drive) so when it snows it's, like, suicidal. Sunday was a day of errands, and exercising a bit. Not too exciting. Now? Well, back to the grind. Hope your weekend was great!

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spiderlegreen said...

Wow, I used that cartoon in my most recent blog.

I'm laid up and am starting to miss winter biking. So what you are describing sounds fun.