23 January 2009

Dilemma Of Guylike Proportions

This is a dilemma that only a guy could fully understand and appreciate. Well, and maybe some women in different ways but I want to focus on the guy dilemma side. You see, guys have major issues with hair. Whether it's hair migration (you don't actually lose hair, it migrates. Serious! You don't believe me? If you're "losing" hair do this... check back, ears, nose, etc. It's there! Just not on your head!). Sorry, as I was saying... Whether it's migration, graying, too much, too little, whatever! Guys have MAJOR issues when it comes to hair.

In my case I understand I am a bit thinner, still full - no spots, up top. I shave every summer and the jury is out as to which is better. I like the shave because I don't have to do a thing when I get out of the shower. But this doesn't even begin to bother me. Hell, half of the people who try to bag on me for thinning, have actual bald spots... I just laugh it off.

No, what concerns me is this...What? You don't see it? The facial hair. I just don't know what the hell to do with it. It's so spotty, it just seems pathetic to me. Kinda like when that fourteen year old kid in school try to rock facial hair and has, like, eight pubes on his chin. Or the same fourteen year old, but with really fine fuzz on his upper lip.

This is where you come in. I need advice. What the heck can I do with the mess that it my facial hair? I like having something, I just don't like how it looks. Also, it insulates in the winter, which makes riding more tolerable. So please, give me a hand. I need suggestions, email me with photoshops of what you think I should do, anything. PLEASE!

Thank you in advance, and have a great weekend!


Bluenoser said...
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Judi said...

you sound like a total metrosexual.

Cycling Phun said...

Awwww, Bluenoser! Why the heck did you delete the post?!

Judi: I've been accused of said things before...