07 January 2009

Weekly Roundup January 07, 2009

Happy New Year! A new year brings many new things. I hope for you and yours it brings happiness and prosperity, for me it brings lots of goal, that I swear I’ll get into sometime soon. One of those things is I will be riding in the Philly Leg of the LIVESTRONG Challenge. I will be riding in honor of my father who was taken by cancer on Fathers Day 1993, and as a part of Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting for Susan. I have started the journey to reach my goal of raising $2,500 for Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) and my participation in the 2009 Philadelphia leg of the Lance Armstrong Challenge. I have amazing family, friends, and people I do not even know who have donated so far. So far I have raised $275 toward my goal of $2500. If you would like to help and donate to Lance Armstrong Foundation on behalf of my fundraising effort, you can go to my secure LIVESTRONG Challenge Page HERE, and make a secure donation. You can also track how I am doing, and there is a link to donate on the right hand sidebar of this blog. Thank you so much to those who have donated, and in advance to those of you who will! GO! Check it out! But first, read on as I give you the Weekly Roundup!

Bluenoser: Bluenoser is well on his way to being a thin, mean, cross racing machine! His second day of the Lean Look Challenge®, 2009.06.01, seems to have him in the mindset to lose some serious weight in a healthy and positive way, while gaining muscle. We’re doing the Lean Look program, Harp is supposed to be joining us as well. The goal isn’t to lose weight, as much as it is to get lean, and to wind up in better shape when all is said and done. Keep up with me, Bluenoser and Harp to keep track of how things are going, and to find out more if you’re interested in joining!

Travels With A Tin Donkey: Sprocketboy has a special place in my heart. I think about him often as I eat the Muesli from his super secret Muesli recipe every morning for breakfast, and afternoon for lunch! He seems to have some New Years Resolutions, some resolutions that upon reading make me jealous. He has some amazing sounding rides planned, and some great, and extremely realistic! (that’s a key to keeping them) resolutions. Wish I could join you in Italy! Here’s wishing you the best in ’09!

Highway Munky: This post has a special place in my heart, as I just got in from a car ride in freezing rain. It seems that Munky has got himself into some Frozen Rides of his own. But these are commutes to and from work. I have to give Munky credit, way more hardcore than I.

Fat Cyclist: Finally, My favorite ‘fat man’ Fat Cyclist! Fatty took some time over the weekend to clean out his pantry which included the ‘bike food shelf’. For the record Fatty, I have one, doesn’t everyone? He found, in said pantry, a few packs of year passed expired Shot Bloks, and performed The Shot Blok Experiments. What exactly are Shot Bloks that are more than a year expired good for? I’m not even going to start to get into it. There’s the story, with pictures, and VIDEO! It’s a riot… I shot Yogi® Peach Detox out of my nose. PS, Yogi Tea®, please feel free to send some tea love my way of you’d like.

Well, that’s all I gots for this week. I can has Muesli! As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

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Sprocketboy said...

Resolve to come with us to Italy! It will be amazing to ride the great climbs of the Giro. And eat a lot. Happy New Year to you!