08 January 2009

Not Losing Weight, Getting Lean

If you haven't heard yet, nominations are now open for the 2009 Bloggies. Fatty has his own idea of who he thinks you should vote for, I on the other hand don't agree. OK, don't agree entirely. He has a couple of blogs listed that, I have to admit, are pretty decent.

So, here's my thoughts on the 2009 Bloggies. Go to the website (Note here, I have to quote Fatty as I thought something was wrong when I got there. Fatty's Awesome Quote Of The Day: "...head over to the (very strange and hard to navigate [Side scrolling? Really?]) Bloggies site..." Yeah, they seriously have a L-O-N-G scroll to the right set up. Anyway, go to Bloggies Website and follow these simple tips...

First and foremost I think you should throw at least one vote in for me. I would suggest either Most Humorous Weblog, or Best-Kept Secret Weblog... or maybe Best Topical Weblog as a long shot. You have three votes for each category, so other suggestions I have would be:

Best Sports Weblog: Harp Rider, http://harprider.blogspot.com -and- The Wah Report, http://jaredroy.blogspot.com

Best Topical Weblog: Autoblog, http://autoblog.com -and- Highway Munky, http://highwaymunky.wordpress.com/

Most Humorous Weblog: Fat Cyclist, http://fatcyclist.com

Best-Kept Secret Weblog: Pistols and Popcorn, http://www.pistolsandpopcorn.com

Best Canadian Weblog: 50K Loop NS, http://50kloopns.blogspot.com

Best Art, Craft, Or Design Weblog: Knit Grrl, http://knitgrrl.com

There are so many more good ones, look at my sidebar for more ideas like; Cozy Beehive, Ray's Racing Adventures, etc.

Once you fill out all of the crazy nomination stuff, make sure you scroll all the way to the right edge of the page (yes I'm serious about that... it's a long way [have I mentioned that?]) and do the following:

1. Fill in the little captcha box (the one with the stupid hard to read words)(then curse it, then hate it!).
2. Check the checkbox saying you’d love to be on the panel that chooses the finalists.
3. Enter your email address.
4. Click the Submit button.
5. Check your email inbox (and your junk mail folder) for the confirmation email.
6. Click the link in said email to confirm your vote.

Alright, now that that's out of the way... This Lean Look think might just kill me! I worked out hard today, and it left my muscles burning. Ever notice that it's so easy to fall out of fitness and become a (pardon me) lardass, but when it comes to losing the weight and getting heathy... Yeah, it's murder! I would love a clinical explanation on why on freakin' Cannoli can put on five pounds? They weight, like, eight ounces! Whatever. Bottom line is this, I have a little more than six months to get down to my goal weight of 170 lbs. With that I have a little more than six months to get into better physical shape, that is to say toned. I'm not asking for miracles, I don't expect to be ripped like the 'ripped centerfold' in Mens Health (as an aside, why the hell is that there? I don't want to see some dude who is so ripped that he could turn me inside out in under a minute. Furthermore, I don't really want to see him shirtless and oiled while I'm sitting on the porcelain throne), but I'd like to get solid muscle tone. That is what the The Lean Look is all about.

So taking into account the fact I should be building muscle as I lose fat, I hope to lose two pounds per week. That said, even if I only lose one pound per week, I would still be ridiculously happy if it's because I am gaining serious muscle tone. I'm anxious to see how it goes for me. Likewise I'm excited to be doing this with Bluenoser and Harp. If you're interested in joining us, this is about as late as possible. If you can get your hands on a copy of The Lean Look, let us know and we'll give ya time to catch up, but please do it by January 17th.

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