05 January 2009

A New Year Means The Lean Look Challenge Revisited

Welcome back one and all, hope you had a great holiday, and hope the New Year brings you prosperity and happiness for you and your families. It's great to sit down and write an entry again, it seems like it's been months rather than days. Without further adieu, I'd like to jump into my first official post of the new year.

For those of you who are regular readers, you might remember back to Weekly Roundup June 18. At that time I purchased the bookThe Lean Look: Burn Fat, Tone Muscles and Transform Your Body in Twelve Weeks Using the Secrets of Professional Athletes by Paul Goldberg and Matthew Fitzgerald. I had to use the full title as I was amazed at how long it is.

Anyhoo, I Started the book and kept up with it in large part until right about the time December hit. I didn't full out give up on it, I just took a bit more lax approach. I had about 12 holiday parties, business lunches, etc. that I knew would hamper my progress slightly, and after dropping fifty pounds in a year was allowing myself some fun. Well... fun is over, now back to reality. I'll be getting a bit more serious now to get in shape for my ride in the Philadelphia LIVESTRONG Challenge in August, and just generally want to be a brick shit house as soon as possible. I'll fill you in on my 2009 goals in the coming days, for now, more about the Lean Look Challenge®.

So, once again my friend and neighbor to the (extreme) North Thom (aka: Bluenoser) will be joining me. Apparently, according to his 04/01/2009 post he has already started. I, on the other hand, am a slacker and cannot be trusted to make ANYTHING happen on a Sunday, so I started today. I will post my measurements and the like on Mondays. I would also encourage anyone who is interested in joining us on the journey to get in on it ASAP. I would be willing to 'restart', if you will, as late as February 2nd, if that's cool with Bluenoser, but must warn you I will NOT regain the weight I lose in that time. It will be more for support and such. The only requirement is you will need to buy the book, and please be on top of measuring and posting and stuff. Don't forget the 'stuff'... most important part!

So there you have it, the Lean Look Challenge® 2009! I encourage you to keep up, not only, with my progress but Bluenoser's progress as well. t should be pretty cool, especially since Bluenoser and I are about the same height, weight, etc. I'm excited to start up again, and who knows, maybe I'll get around to getting the weight bench I've been meaning to pick up, courtesy my 'lil sis'. If you want in on the weight loss program, drop me and/or Bluenoser a line and we'll accommodate!

Here's to a happy, prosperous, phun philled, healthy 2009!


Weight: 185.8
Waist: 37
Neck: 15.5
Body Fat % Calculation Estimate: 22


Highwaymunky said...

Go Don!! 50 pounds!! that's like the weight of a small child, Awesome dude!

Bluenoser said...

Go take a leak Phunster. The race is about to start bud. You don't want to be late because they don't wait for you.


(fat loss trash talk)