10 January 2009

I Think I May Have Found Something Just Sick Enough That I'd Be Geeked To Try... Right After Puking

Sorry I skipped out on a Friday post. I was busy at work and it was about 25ºf, in a whiteout, with about four inches of fresh powder on the ground. What? You need an explanation? Sheesh, I got out on the mountain bike! It was nice, cold, but nice. Now I'm looking at, what seems to be, at least a half foot... if not more so I wanted to take a minute to drop a line to make up for Friday. Nothing crazy, but some fun for your weekend!

When I was a teen, we always got ourselves into the crazy stuff. Stuff that you do that makes you wonder how you survived. The one regret is that I never got to skydive. Anyway, we used to cliff dive, climb hills (I say hills on account I don't believe Ohio has "mountains") with no gear and that we had no business on, drag race cars, and on and on. You know, stupid teenager stuff. Now, I think I found something that might be cooler! Mind you, I'm wicked afraid of heights. I'd have to do this after I threw up from the height issue.

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.
Have a great weekend, and try to get a good ride or two in!

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