19 January 2009

A Rough Weekend To Say The Least... In So Many Ways.

It was truly just one of those weekends. Friday was atrocious, so much so that just about everything going on was cancelled in the morning. I mean, they had the Cavs game and such but waking to -13ºf with -30ºf was enough to close schools, public buildings, so government offices, etc. Getting to work was even lame. Snow covered roads everywhere, to top it off I swear the city in which I work lost their plows, or sold them on the black market.

Saturday started considerably better. I woke up early, got out and shoveled, got into the Y, and worked out for a while while listening to Fugazi. I love Fugazi, but more on that another time, or maybe not... we'll see. I got some errands run, got home, healthy lunch, some veggies, exercised a bit, relaxed and it hit me. I felt like death warmed over. Scratch any further exercise or work for that matter. Woke up, quick dinner and then went to Howl At The Moon. Great little dueling piano bar, they did cool stuff like this... Sorry about the quality and sound. It was loud, and weird lighting. Went with the wife, and our "little sister" (in theory only, no blood relation) and her husband. Had a couple Mich Ultra's with the old lady (which is likely the healthiest part of the night, believe it or not, listened to some funny stuff, and high tailed it outta there. It was snowing near whiteout on the freeway on the way home, and cold as hell. Decided to stop off for something warm. Turned into Denny's. Hot Chocolate, Mozzarella Sticks, and chicken tenders... at 11:00 pm. 'Nough said? Right... Got home around 1:00 and straight to bed.

Woke up Sunday and just felt bloated as sin. Found myself up a solid three pounds over my Saturday morning weight, a bit disgusted with myself now. Got the wife, kids, and snow tubes and headed out the door for a day of sledding. It was crazy fun. Actually, I forgot just how much fun it is! When I was there found a bit of humor as I pulled in, just thought I'd share it before the weigh in. Caption: But maaahhm.... I have to poop!Gotta love humor in everyday life, right?

OK, so I would love it if someone could explain this to me. Actually, I think I have it figured out, but feel free to throw in your opinion. How am I up just over two pounds in one day, but my measurements are the same as last week? That was rhetorical, I don't want the answer, on account said answer would be disgusting. On a serious note, I ate enough sodium late Saturday night to kill a horse, and I have a feeling it is showing in my weight. I'll be interested to see what happens after reintroducing fiber (Muesli) into my diet today. Anyway, here are the measurements. Lost about 1/8 of an inch in the waist measurement, but you round up to the nearest half, so it's unchanged. Neck, I don't think, is going to move... ever.
Weight: 185.8
Waist: 36.5
Neck: 15.5
Body Fat % Calculation Estimate: 21


Judi said...

you're holding water weight from all that salt. best thing to do is drink a ton of water so you piss a lot.

p.s. my friend sandi went up there to help a friend run a 50k - 31 freaking miles in all that snow.

Cycling Phun said...

Woof! Which 50k was it?
I've been going through water today like nobodys business. I figured it was a combo of salt and, well... You know 'blockage'?! Lately if I eat crap it, er, sticks with me for a few days (not to be graphic).
I'm not worried about the weight, it's all about working the bad stuff out, and then the weight will go too.

Cycling Phun said...

PS: Yeah! Just saw Sandi's photos. That's the Ohio Erie Canal Trail. It was the one I rode a few times over the summer. Open 24/7/365 as far as know. They let you ride it at night with lights and all. It's some reallly pretty scenery in the fall.

Sprocketboy said...

The muesli should help, but in winter I also eat a lot of oat bran so I have a hot meal to start the day. Incredibly easy to cook and tastes good with raisins and cinnamon.

I find that I can control my weight by keeping a food diary and staying in focus. Try www.fitday.com as the database is very good, and it's free.