13 January 2009

My Goals For 2009

Those of you who know me well, or at least half way decently, know that I am a procrastinator! Why do today, what you could put off until tomorrow… or the weekend? In true Don fashion, I have once again procrastinated. How, you are asking yourself? I’ll tell you. I said, about two weeks ago, that I was going to post my list of goals for 2009. I guess I should add “not procrastinating to the list. Regardless, here we go.

Work was, well, interesting (?!) in 2008. I had eight separate occurrences that cut my pay for the year completely in half. EIGHT! I had a couple drinks a while back and slurred out some bitching and complaining about it. Now the economy has taken a steaming dump! All that said, my first goal is to have $20,000 by April. Second quarter is always a rocking quarter, so if I could make 20K in the first quarter another 20K in the second should be a cakewalk. That should set me up for a pretty solid year. Now, let’s just see if the economy will play nice.

Goals two, three, four and five are all kind of “bike geek” and all, in one way or another, related to LIVESTRONG Challenge. Two is pretty simple. I want to be my riding weight for LIVESTRONG Challenge by August 1, 2009. That means that I want to be 170 lbs, or lighter, by August. I’ve got fifteen pounds to lose, and six months and change to do it. Thought here, I need a couple “gimme goals”. The key to setting goals is to set a few achievable goals as motivators; this is one of those.

Goal three is also LIVESTRONG related, as well as related to the second. Simply put, I want to be a brick shithouse. There I said it, and I don’t feel bad. Seriously though, part of the Lean Look Challenge that Bluenoser and I are doing is not just to lose weight, but to get lean, fit and buff.

Goal four, I want to be riding fifty miles solidly by August 1st. I did a few 30-40 miles last year, but I did them “just OK”. I want to be able to pound out fifty solid miles, and then look at the guys I’m riding with and say, “that’s it? Really? I was just getting warmed up.”

Finally, and this is where I would ask for any help that you are willing or able to give. I would LOVE to raise $2500 for Lance Armstrong Foundation for my participation in the Philadelphia leg of LIVESTRONG Challenge. If you would like to donate to help me meet this goal you can at My Secure LAF Fundraising Page. I have to thank my family, friends, and perfect strangers for donating. Right now I’m 12% of my way to that goal, at $310, and I have six months left to make it. I will put up a short post, soon (?!), about my reasons for wanting to do the Challenge, and a bit of back story.

I guess I should throw in a sixth. I should work on the procrastinating thing too but, likely, I will not.

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