29 April 2009

The Joy Of Riding

Load up the bike in the car, and head out the door.

Ahhhh, summer is here! Wait, no... it's not. Hmmmm. It's only April! I mean, it is late April, but, is it really? Yup 85ยบ, and sunny! Mind you, winds were hammering us at 28 mph and gusting at 37mph, but it felt good. Nay it felt damn good! Yup... We got in the first Monday night ride.

We had a just over 23 mile ride in just over an hour fifteen. It was a perfect day for it too. The only thing I hated was when, at a point or two, the combination of hill and headwind tried to get me, but I pulled through. I had a stretch of flat where I just got into a zone, and before I knew it I looked down and was cranking 25 mph out. Just turning the cranks, not thinking about what I was doing, just making it happen.

It felt so good to be back out and on the road weapon. Apparently the work on the legs over the winter season did some good. I got off the bike, and my legs felt great! A slight burn was there, but it was that good kind of burn that reminds you what a good time you had. We had three of seven show up for the ride, and it was actually a good group. We just got work done. I lead a lot since knew where we were going, but everyone took a turn in front. We looked out for one another, and were able to chat a bit on the ride. It was just a great time.

What better way to end it, you might ask? An old friend who I haven't seen, but came out for the ride, and I had some time once the sun was down and we couldn't ride to enjoy a couple good beers. For the record: An old favorite-Stone Levitation, and a beer that's new to me-Dogfish Head Aprihop. Both served on tap, and both hit the spot.

If you are in the area and didn't come out, you really should try your hardest to make it out next week. Just send me a message from the contact me link in the top right hand of the page. In the side bar! Hope all your rides this year are as good as this one was!

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