20 April 2009

The Sorrow Of The Weekend

Well, where to start. Having a home and a family lends itself to both amazingly fun times, and times of chaos and compromise. In this case, both ensued. I had every intention of getting a ride in on both Friday and Saturday. Friday was in the mid fifties and gorgeous! The sun was out, the air was clean, and smelled like spring... finally. It was just great. Until... So at work I was waiting on a call, all day. A call that could mean a pretty decent payoff financially for me. So I figured that when I told literally everyone in the place to interrupt me no matter what should this call come through... I figured whoever got it would. Well, the entire day passed and still no call. It could've been a mistake or a really good sign of positive things happening, so I was only about one-fifth concerned. Well, the bottom line is that the call came in at 12:30, I was at work, no one bothered to tell me, no one gave me the message that they took, and I wound up staying way later than I had planned for nothing. Not to mention I might have had a chance to close a deal, but since it was almost six when everything finally went down, I wasn't able to get the right people on the phone. Friday, got home late, no chance for a ride due to time.

Saturday was unbelievable! It was in the sixties, sunny, and nary a cloud in the sky! The Cleveland Indians beat the living hell out of the Yankees too! Final score of 22-4, which is ironic. See the Cavaliers also beat the hell out of Detroit 102-84. That's right folks, both Cleveland teams won by eighteen points! Ahh life is good, well, almost. Saturday was day two of said planned ride time. While I did get out, it was a total of less than a couple miles to try out the new Ergon grips on the mountain bike, also got the derailleur to work right. So I guess all is well. I got to doing some things around the house, and next thing I know I had to run to a formal dinner... that I wanted to be at like I want someone to cut off both of my legs. Regardless, nearly seventy degrees outside, and day two shot.

Sunday, woke up. Went to church. Got out of church to a twenty or so degree drop and rain. Then got a call to go do a job. Day three, shot.

Now, Monday. 100% chance of rain, low forties. Yeah... Monday night rides in the can. No one wants to go... Don't know why. *sarcasm* Anyway, this sums up my crazy life lately. So, I've decided what it is I need to do. I need to find twelve more hours in my day. That or I need to split and divide, or clone myself, so I can accomplish all it is I need to do. Hopefully we can get the rides started next Monday. Weather is calling for rain Sunday through Friday this week. Then again, they're only showing weather through Friday... Hopefully the weekend will be nice. Oh, wait, my schedule sucks. Go figure.

OK, now to wrap a few things up. You might notice the name changed at the top. No, it's not permanent... I just did it as an homage to my buddy Bluenoser, who suggested the name in the last comment section. I liked it, a lot, and decide to throw it up as the title for a bit. I may actually keep it.

Also, check back the next few days. They should be a couple good ones. I hope to have some good news, and I will be posting a GREAT combination open letter, and beer review, for Stone Brewing. You won't want to miss this as it's, what I feel, might just be a once in a lifetime event.

Alright, that's all for now. Come back over the next few days, and enjoy.

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