15 April 2009

Weekly Roundup April 15, 2009

It was a crazy, and busy, Easter week. It’s been cold lately, it’s been snowy sometimes, and it seems like it’s been raining a lot too. It just stinks right now in Cleveland. There was a salt shortage this year, or so I’m told, and they dropped cinders with the salt. Now there are cinders all over the sides of the road, so riding is a lot of fun. We’re set to start the weekly rides, hopefully this Monday, April 20th. The first set ride will be a weekly Monday ride in the Mentor, Ohio area. See this past Monday’s post for more info or if you are interested in joining in. I am going to be looking into adding a new lineup of blogs to the Weekly Roundup. I think I need to just to spice it up a bit, but my regulars will always be my regulars. I will continue adding some beer updates to the cycling, and hope you find that enjoyable. With that said, I’m going half cycling half beer this week when I give you the Weekly Roundup.

50K Loop NS: My homeboy Bluenoser is getting set for some Change. It seems like it will be a real change for the better. You may remember that B wanted to can the whole blog. That made me, and many other, sad. He’s decided to keep it going, and just change the subject matter. Now, rather than just cycling, it will be about his journey through life on the 50K Loop. I look forward to this change! Cheers!

Harp Rider: Harp seems to be doing well lately, the biggest problem he seems to have this week is Black Or White? That’s right, he’s finally building up the Felt, apparently, and his tough decision is white, or black for the seat and tape. Get over, check it out, get your vote in, and then start poking around his site.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales & Blogfish: Ahhhh, rekindling one of my favorite hobbies… Beer! What better way to rekindle the joy of drinking, and brewing, good beer than a tasting and brewing party with friends? There is no better way. One of our enjoyments for the shindig was Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre. It was a great brew that, to be honest, blurred into the tipsy oblivion of the night. I remember it being dark, rich, and having a bite of green raisin on the back sides of my tongue, but not much more. I promise to drink this again soon and leave a proper tasting note. So what could be better than that?! The Dogfish Head IPA Variety Pack! It’s an issue of Price Vs Value. I’ve only been luck enough to try the 60 and 90 Minute IPA, but now that they are available in a 12 pack with the 120 Minute IPA (Four of each), I NEED to get my hands on this. Open letter to Sam Calagione to get one out to me might just be forthcoming. Mr Calagione, you think you might have one to spare for me and my brother in brewing to do a side by side review on?

Buckeye Beer Engine: Buckey is having their Third Annual 420 HopFest April 17th-20th. In a related note to Dogfish, they will be serving Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA through Randall The Enamel Animal on Saturday and Monday at 4:00pm. They’ll also be serving everything hoppy, the kiddies receive complimentary Bling Bling cupcakes, while ladies and gentlemen receive complimentary Hop Brownies! Check out more at Buckeye Beer Engine’s website.

Yehuda Moon: Finally on a somber note, our friend Yehuda is taking a Haitus for a bit. Here’s to Rick for over a year of joy brought by Yehuda and the Kickstand Cyclery. I hope to see Yehuda again sometime down the road, but best wish to Rick, in wherever the road leads you and Yehuda.

Well, that’s all I got’s for this week. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for the start of the Monday night rides, just heard rain... Might just have to make due. Be back tomorrow! As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

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