12 February 2008

Craigslist Strikes Again, And Again, And Again...

So for years now I’ve been a huge fan of Craigslist. OK, not really, but it does make for an interesting read, seriously. Today I hark back to a great little post this weekend. You know, typical weekend at Craigslist:
Bike, crappy bike, some free pallets (recycle or firewood), formula, some spare bike parts, dudes wife, moped, antiquated Apple printer.
What? Wife? Oh, yeah… some dude has his wife on Craigslist. Not just has his wife on Craigslist, but has her listed in the “free” section. For real! OK, you don’t believe me… Well, I guess I’m glad I got a screen shot of it then before they removed it! (click it to pop to bigger picture)
Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me. Hmmmff, you don’t believe me.

Also one more time we have the re-listing of the craptacular mountain bike (of doom?). (You can click it if you really WANT to pop to a bigger picture)
That’s right folks, this polished turd apparently didn’t sell the first time, maybe on account the bar ends?! Regardless of why, it’s back on the market so don’t miss it this time!

Finally, I will come up with SOMETHING to do for a contest THURSDAY! Thats right folks, I will give away the Cyclepassion 2008 Calendar and posters! I will have three more posters and one calendar to give away, so be on the lookout Thursday. In case you forgot what the look like check em out at the Cyclepassion Store.

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