14 February 2008

I'm Giving Away More Stuff... Cyclepassion Stuff, Get It?

<<<<< ADDED 2/15/2008>>>>>
I will keep this open through the weekend, and decide he winners on Monday! So PLEASE leave your stories in the comments and I will choose winners Monday, Thanks!

Get it? Cycle P-A-S-S-I-O-N, like "il mio amore, yearn per il vostro amore", like Vallentines Day (any want to critique my Italian?). Anyway it is VD, uh that's just not right, Valentines Day and what better way to show passion on Vallentines Day? Your absolutely right! I'm giving away more Cyclepassion swag! *courtesy of Anke and the crew over at Cyclepassion* So I kept kicking around just what would be the perfect way to give away scantly clad women (and men) on posters (and a calendar) on Valentines Day. Here's what I came up with:

Guys- first off let's admit it, if you have a special someone in your life you (like me) are probably luck she hasn't had the sense to run while she could. Think about it; we're guys, we think like guys, we act like guys, and if you ride probably spend way more on yourself than you do on you lady. Need I go further?

Women- You guys put up with us, for that I'll cut you a break. Im going to make this easy on you. As far as the Calendar and posters, hey... they are what they are. you get the calendar there are some guys in it, mind you not many, but it's tasteful and artsy, right? If you're not into it yourself, give it to the guy in your life, I have a feeling he'll like it.

OK, with that I want stories! What (guys) was the most romantic thing you did for the lucky lady in your life. I'll give bonus points if it involves bicycling (since thats what the blog is generally speaking about), and double points if it's something I could later use to impress the lady in my life, cause I'm probably going to steal the idea. Lady's you could go the "most romantic thing my significant other did for me" route, or the most romantic thing you've done for them. (*Guys if you complain enough I'll entertain what your other did for you as well, at minus 3 points, got it?)

Well, I hope you get the gist of the contest, again:
The most romantic thing you've done for a significant other, or your other has done for you.
I will employ the assistance of my wife, and my "mushy friends" (again that doesn't sound right either) who are into romance to pick one grand prize winner for the 2008 Cyclepassion Calendar, and three runners-up will each get one Cyclepassion Poster.

Well that's it folks, leave your entries in the comments, guys you may want to read comment for tonight, and the winners will be chosen and announced very soon.

Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for reading, and good luck!


Harp said...

I wish I had a good story. Unfortunately for my wife I'm a chef and it is one of the busiest days of the year for me. I do though always make her a special dinner when I get home. She loves Lobster

Bluenoser said...

harp, we have found here in the land of lobster, that snow crab is the thing. The taste is different but most say better. The price off the boat is way less than it would be for lobster off the boat. The yield on a 2 lb. snow crab is greater than it's more expensive cousin the lobster. The work is a little more to get to the meat but worth it.

Cycling is the new golf, snow crab is the new lobster.


Cycling Phun said...

Can it be that these two will win by sheer posting?

Bluenoser said...

harp can't answer right now Phun he's looking for snow crab.


Harp said...

The problem with snow crab in Nebraska is it only comes frozen which I feel hurts the quality and taste. The advantage of the Lobster is I can get it still alive and fresh and to be honest I can charge a lot more for it in a restaurant. I also like the dungeness crabs I get alive out of Oregon. Very tasty. By the way phun how do you like how your post is quickly turning into a crab vs. lobster debate. My kind of comments. I need to get these type of discussions on. poissonier.blogspot.com. Know I got to go finish looking for fresh snow crab. Which by the way B I do agree it is good.

Cycling Phun said...

Ya know it is what it is as far as posts go. I think I might divide up between the three of us ;) and just roll with that. So far (sorry B) Making your lady Lobster is about the most romantic story. As far as your profession? Ahhh the life of a poissonier. I wanted to go to culinary school originally. Don't know why the hell I didn't, but... Still LOVE to cook good food at home, it's part of the issue with weight really.

Judi said...

My cyclist b/f did zip for me. That's right. Our 6 month anniversery was today too. Can ya believe it? He was supposed to cook me dinner, but he had some serious dental pain. I got to play nurse all day after he had a wisdom tooth pulled.

I am disappointed. He should have got me a freaking card or something.

Pissed - Judi

Cycling Phun said...

Looks like BN< Harp and Jodi are getting goodies. So which story is the best/most relevant?