25 February 2008

An Ode To Tiramisu

Whilst talking to my wife this weekend I came to, what I thought was, a brilliant realization. I could almost completely live on Tiramisu. Egg yolk, sugar, mascarpone, espresso, dark rum, lady fingers, bittersweet chocolate and cocoa powder all come together in the orgy of joy that is Tiramisu. Definitely NOT lowfat, or Adkins, or on any diet for that matter, but quite possibly a perfect food. The only way to enjoy it more is with a glass of dark rum, straight up, chilled glass. Now, I will agree that you probably couldn't eat Tiramisu every single day, so I figure you can alternate between Tiramisu and Cassatta Cake. For those who may not know of the Cassata that I speak of, I am referring to the following. Layer of an Italian pound cake, soak in rum, cover with a cream and sheep milk ricotta, layer in strawberries, more cake (I suppose you could throw in rum if you wanted again), and frost. Again, excellent served with a glass of rum. Let me take one of my famous sidebars to say I prefer scotch, but that's neither here nor there. Wow... I'm realizing two very important things here. One, I may have a problem with alcohol, and two I need to keep my butt out of Little Italy.

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