08 February 2008

Spin Sale! (call me fanboy)

Congrats to Spin Bike Shop for another successful year of business, culminating in making the Bicycle Retailer And Industry News Top 100 Retailers of 2008 . Last night they had a great party, showing off all of the 2008 gear, everything was on sale, and the place was packed wall to wall. Odds are pretty good if you live near, you were there, but if not don't fret! The sale is continuing through this weekend. If you're looking for a closeout bike (or any closeout merch for that matter), you'll need to take a trek out to the Lakewood store. If you're just looking for a great deal on tools, clothes, accessories, whatever you can hit Willoughby or Lakewood.
Last night brought the camera along to get picts to share, I took exactly zero pictures, sorry... I did manage to steal the following from John, I've been good at bogarting pictures lately... Hope he doesn't mind.

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