04 February 2008

Cycling Phun Phake News: New Teams Edition

04 February 2008
Cycling Phun News Service

As many of you might know, and as reported 8/11/07, Slipstream and Chipotle have got together in sponsorship of a team this year. While one would think this would be a good thing, it’s not. For starters their teams weight gain has increased by a whopping 536%. Why just in the last week two of their riders broke their carbon bikes based on sheer weight. Apparently they have also had some IBS problems due to the insane amount of Tabasco consumption on the team (Please note, Chipotle only serves Tabasco. I prefer Cholula, just saying).
Other problems abound as there is not only continued rumors of Team Hardee’s “Powered By The Monster Burger”, but other rumors are now coming to light. The latest rumor being Team Jack and Diet “Powered by Jack Daniels and Diet Coke”. The rumors may have been substantiated by the following video of what's believed to be their training camp.

So what will happen in 2008? It remains to be seen, but stay tuned and enjoy the ride.

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