17 February 2008

Weekends Suck

They really do. That's not to say there aren't good things about weekends, but there are parts that just suck! For example, all wee I work, I eat relatively well, not much, drink buckets full of water at a time. Weekends however I don't fare so well. I have taken to swimming again for the winter, and I'm desperately trying to get the hang of the rollers to a point where it is effective as a form of exercise. The problem in this whole equation is as follows:
Weekends are made for grazing. There I said it. Weekends have way too much free time in them. Especially in the winter, ya know when you really don't need an excuse to just not do a thing anyway. So it's easy to pull out the excuse book and say "It's too cold", "It's an ice storm", "Too rainy and cold", etc. Add into that it makes the average person crave comfort food, and the fact that I swear I have Seasonal Effective Disorder (depression brought on by the shortened days), and a wife who is a great cook, throw in the fact I love to cook and (to a large extent eat what my wife and I cook) love to eat what we cook it all adds up to disaster.
A perfect example of this; I got in (a minimal) ride on the rollers, and then preceded to go for a nice swim... After having Southwestern Potato Pancakes. Or tonight's dinner of the single best homemade spaghetti, garlic rolls, and caesar salad that my wife has ever made. Did I mention that we polished a bottle of wine and some Great Lakes Brewing Company Conway's Irish Ale? I swear that I'm going to be up, like, ten pounds tomorrow.
With that said I need to be able to ride, outdoors, not on a road bike (again I remind you if the snow and ice situations). There is only one solution to this situation; I must acquire a mountain bike, and soon. Hmmmm, I think I just might know where to get a sweet deal too!
The craptacular mountain bike (of doom?).


andy said...

southwestern potato pancakes? yummm! have a recipe you'd care to share?

Judi said...

Don, the crap eating is depressing, isn't it? It makes me feel like shit too.