19 February 2008

Cyclepassion Giveaway

Wow, Valentines was truly a sad, sad day. I don't know where to start with my disappointment of the entries in the Valentines Day Cyclepassion Giveaway (AKA: The VD Giveaway). First off let me start by explaining the later "AKA". I was working on limited space on a dry erase at work, and wrote "HAPPY VD!" Yeah, I know... and no, I didn't catch the faux pas, at first anyway... and yes, I did at some point catch it and erase it... and no, I did not have a sexual harassment charge brought up on me. OK, enough of that.
Anyway, for those of you paying attention to the Thursday blog, I ran a "tell me your best Valentines story win Cyclepassion stuff" contest. I think the best story I got was Harp making lobster for his lady. I say that very loosely, since it turned into a debate between him and Bluenoser about lobster vs. snow crab ending in Judi's comment that her cyclist boyfriend did the big squadoosh for her. I felt bad at first, but after finding out he had (what based on her blog) sounded like some suspect dental surgery the day before.
Long story short is this; I think that I am obligated to give the three of them prizes based on the fact they were the only ones who posted. Further I can't decide if Harp should win for doing the lobster or Judi should win for playing nurse. So I think this is how it will go down; one calendar & two posters later I'll give the calendar to Judi (for her or her boyfriend) since playing nurse is pretty sweet and totally unselfish. Harp will receive the Rita poster, and Bluenoser will receive an Emilia (the poster, not the woman... I'm not THAT good). If anyone cares to drop a BS card on me for my decision I will take submissions for appeal until this Thursday, at which time I will be readying the items to send. Likewise, I need Judi, Harp and BN to use the contact me to get me their mailing addresses. Here's hoping the next contest goes a wee bit better, right?


Harp said...

Julie definetly had the tougher job. I cook lobster while I'm sleeping. Plus when I make it for my wife I'm also eating it too.

Harp said...

Sorry, I meant Judi.

Judi said...

I felt bad at first, but after finding out he had (what based on her blog) sounded like some suspect dental surgery the day before. >>>

Don, I am sorry your contest didn't go as well as you wanted. I did a damn good job of playing nurse and even went to the follow up appt with him yesterday. The tooth drama continues! Dominic has an infection because the buthcer dentist didn't give him any anmtibiotics. So he started those yesterday, after seeing his family dr. And today he is....installing new floors in my livingroom for me! He ripped up the carpets yesterday - infection and all. Can ya believe it? This news may change your mind about prizes though.


Cycling Phun said...

With all the craziness surrounding doping, he may want to watch what he takes!