05 February 2008

Pimping Burritos & Bicycles

With the talk about team Slipstream Powered By Chipotle ®, I got to thinking. My first thought, which I've expressed in a roundabout sort of fashion is what cyclist in their right mind would eat Chipotle? Fer serrious, I mean isn't that like sacrilege in cycling? Wouldn't that be like a pizza bender, or a Big Mac Attack ® to the average cyclist? So how as a pro team do you justify pimping bikes and burritos? Furthermore, the burritos aren't even arguably healthful burritos. I mean, they're not like a three white, one yolk scrambled egg, no cheese, with a touch of Cholula for taste burrito. They're like full on fat and carbs burritos.
So, you can imagine the chuckle I got when I found this:on the Chipotle site. That's right, a bannered Felt promoting the cycling team. What is the world coming to? Do we really have to ruin all that is good and sacred as a culture, man? Hmm, I'm seriously going to have to expound on that one... later. Seriously, what's next? Oh, on a side note, the do have a somewhat boring but questionably funny game (can you call it that?!) here on their website.

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andy said...

hey...at least it's a mainstream product that we all recognize. well, i guess postal and discovery were as well but...ummm, not sure what my point is. i'm just happy we have a decent domestic team that isn't full of druggies.