02 February 2008

Happy Groundhog Day

Apologies for skipping class yesterday, but as penance I will throw out a very appropriate Saturday post. That's right kids, today is (in a good portion of the world) Groundhog Day! So, Happy Groundhog Day! For those of you who either may not celebrate (I'm told there are a handful of countries that do not), forget the folklore, or just could care less I will give you a brief rundown on the holiday.
Groundhog day is a day where we just short of deify the groundhog (marmot, woodchuck, ground squirrel) for its pseudo-psychic qualities. You see, the fat little booger (the animal not the man) come out of his home in the ground. If the clouds are out he doesn't see his shadow which means winter will soon come to an end. A rave party ensues and the world must repent since God hates raves. You see, God was OK with raves until we blew it in the 90's and turned them into the crappy parties that they became. But I digress, back to the groundhog. If he comes out and sees his shadow, six more weeks of winter ensue. At which point a mob is formed, and said groundhog is turned into meat to later be served at Taco Bell, OK that may be a lie, but it makes for a good story. The funny (ha ha funny) part of the whole story is this; the only reason for a male groundhog to come out this time of year is to hook up with a fine groundhog lady-friend. You see he comes out of his hole in the ground, finds a nice lady, takes her out for a nice dinner, some dancing or a movie, oh, sorry. Right so his love interest is the only thing that would bring him out, then.
And there you have it! The joy that is groundhog day. With that, a picture that I Googled of a large man with a large top hat holding up a large groundhog, enjoy and Happy Groundhog Day!


Judi said...

Hey, thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I wouldn't say it isn't non-cycling related though. I ride! :)

Thanks again - Judi

Cycling Phun said...

Fair enough... I'll move it!
Enjoy reading it, and you have to let me know where you buy your trainer blocks (A Double Dose) *wink*.