09 July 2008

I Got To Watch The Tour de France Stage 4 Time Trials

WOW! That's the only word that come to mind, wow! I can't believe how annoyed I can be by Bob Roll. I know I sound like I'm just bitching about Bob Roll, but seriously. I've also come to a few other conclusions.
1) I've decided I totally want a time trial helmet!Seriously, I do. I don't want it to be a TT rider, I just want one so I could look like more of a dork when I ride.
2) I want wheel discs.Again, I don't see them as practical or anything for the riding I do, but I always wanted the Skyway Discs when I was riding dirt track BMX back in the day... I guess it's just a carryover.
3) I HATE aerobars.I don't even kind of get them. I mean, I get the point, I just don't like them.
4) Bob Roll annoys me.This, I feel, just cannot be said enough.
5) I was way more into the finale of Hell's Kitchen than the Tour tonight. THAT is the God's honest truth! I was extremely excited to see (spoiler deleted) win the quarter million dollar job at Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant.
OK, so I guess that's about it. Hopefully I will have awesome news in the coming days. I'll likely drop a late Weekly Roundup tomorrow. So, until then!


Highwaymunky said...


1) a TT helmet will 100% guaranteed to make you look more like a dork. Plus having tried one on once it's like having your head put in a vice!

2) Disc wheel are designed to reduce drag and make you more aerodynamic. (except with cross breezes when they act like a sail!)

So your average TT rider look like a dork, has the gritted teeth not because of the effort but the pain of the helmet and they are at constant risk of being blown away by the slightest of cross breezes!

You should try it & blog about how it goes!

Bluenoser said...

You have to love dorks. Just when you think you are pretty sad on a bike a dork rides by and helps you feel better about yourself.


Judi said...

LG makes a TT helmet - Dominic has oen for track racing and he's always trying to get me to wear it during my tri's. Uh, hell no. But he got a great pic of a HUGE tri-dork wearing his prologue helmet in transition.

tt bars make you go at least 2mph faster. I can be riding on my bars, and go down into aero and will go from 19 to 21 in an instant.

zipps are the bomb but i was HEDS.