08 July 2008

I've Decided What I Want To Do For A Living!

So lately I've been kind of down, which might have something to do with my lack of weight-loss. We've all been there, I have a ton of stuff going on in my head, feelings of inadequacy, questions about what I'm doing with my life and career, you get the picture, right? I came to one conclusion today, though, that has me feeling a bit better. I've decided what I want to do for a living! I want to drive the team car! That''s right, I want to be the crazy guy driving the team car in races. It just looks like it would be way fun. Seriously think of how cool it could be. I love driving, I love cycling, I love watching cycling, I love talk radio. So here's what I figure. I turn on talk radio and make everyone else in the car pay attention to what's going on. I then proceed by watching the race just enough to enjoy it and not crash into a racer... well, any of MY racers anyway (wink, nudge). I would constantly drive around in a bad as heck car, brimming with sweet bikes, and parts. I'd get to meet sweet riders, and travel the world, and too boot? I'd get paid for it. It's the perfect job. Now I just need to find a team to hire me, and one that doesn't care if I'm a slacker.
As a "by the way", I haven't jumped into the reading of the book... I'm going to do it soon, even if it kills me! Bluenoser said he'll regress in his fitness, er, progress to join me in my journey through the book. Anyone else in?


Bluenoser said...

Start the workouts on Monday Phun or they will have to get a team car with a tiny steering wheel and extra heavy springs on the drivers side.


cyclonecross said...

Don't get discouraged; you can do it! It just takes that turning point (which it sounds like you're at).

For me it was at a routine physical when the Dr. told me I could stand to loose some weight (I was about 172lbs at the time while I stand 5'7"). Since then, I'm down over 30lbs (lost about 10-15lbs per year).

Cycling Phun said...

Bluenoser: Hahaha... Thanks for the words of, er, encouragement? Seriously though, I gotcha!

GB: Thanks, I know what I need to do. Tomorrow is a start toward that, which I'm likely to blog about in the near future I'm sure... Especially if it turns out well, which I'm hopelessly optimistic it will! Oh! and thanks for the rack seƱor! It came in handy this weekend and will, likewise, come in handy when I ride the Ohio Erie Canal with one of my buddies. I'm looking forward to a fairly easygoing 40 miles with a good friend of mine.