07 July 2008

I Hate Rocks

File under: I need to find somewhere else to ride. I got a lot of sweet riding in this weekend. That, combined with me watching the Tour de France and family stuff from the holiday weekend and this is the first chance I have to write. First two stages had some great last minute sprints that resulted in wins for Valverde and Hushovd incase you didn't catch `em. On top of that, we got to hear Bob Roll horribly mispronounce Tour de France as "Tour deee France." I'll just never get sick of Bobke destroying the French language.
Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Today I went on a utility ride to have the mountain bike looked at. Thanks to the guys at Spin (the LBS) for taking good care of me and not letting me pay. I think I need to stop in with some beers or something. Digressing, so I left and had a ride about one third trail and two thirds surface ahead of me. The problem is the trails I was riding suck! Ya see, the trail is a double track (kind of like a fire road) which would be awesome. However this double track is crushed, and I use the term crushed very loosely, rock. It was fine crush stone, but they must have repaved it or something and now its rocks that are anywhere from the size of a golf ball to almost the size of my fist. It really sucks. The upside of the day was that I got to wear my brand spanking new Pearl Izumi Slice Versa Short which I have to admit I love. But shortly after buying them PI released the P.R.O. Versa which I would've likely plunked down the extra $25 for. Eh, whatever... They were comfortable as hell. I totally loved riding in these things. I liked them, dare I say, more than the Specialized lycra I'm used to. The chamois seemed a lot more comfortable on my bottom. You all know the golden rule, right? A comfy bottom is a happy bottom.
On the up side of things yesterdays ride was pretty excellent. I got out on the road bike again, and it was a blast. I am quickly getting used to riding on the road in fairly heavy, and fast, traffic. So I guess that's a positive. I felt really good, the legs felt strong, the hills came fairly easy, and I was just hammering. It was nice. I rocked out the Limar helmet, which I also decided I like, I like it a lot. It seems lighter than the Specialized brain bucket, though it seems a wee bit wider. Also, doesn't sit nearly as high.
I guess all in all the weekend was good. Oh, right, one more thing. The Lean Look. First off will someone, anyone, please drop the fifteen bones and get the book and work through it with me... please? Also, I have yet to get through the book. I think on, OK so I know for a fact I'm on, page three of the book. With that said I will start the program... eventually. Mainly once I get the book read. Which I have a very strong feeling will NOT be this week.

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Bluenoser said...

OK Phun,
I'll swing back to the start with you but no can do until next Monday. I'm just crazy busy here this week.