28 July 2008

The Reason I LOVE Vanity Plates

OK, business first. The Lean Look Challenge status. Since I am doing measuring and weighing Monday mornings, The weight and measurements for the Lean Look challenge with Bluenoser will be updated on Tuesday.
Incase you live in a box (Tour de France spoiler) Carlos Sastrewon the tour by 58 seconds over (whom I said would win) Cadel Evans, and Bernhard Kohl came in 1:13 behind Cadel in third. This caused me to BOMB my Versus/Kenda fantasy standings and I wound up at a useless 7357. Suck! I guess they had, like, 20,000 plus people so it certainly could be worse.
Now for our feature presentation.
Friday night I was bombing through the streets on the mountain bike. I was out with my buddy riding some park trails and decided to ride into Willoughby to stop at Spin, if only I had remembered that they are closed on Friday. Anyway, as I'm crossing a main five lane four-way intersection. So I was about dead center of the four-way when I heard an engine, started to turn to look behind me, and before I could was grazed by a rearview mirror. I yelled at the woman, "Hey!", to which she looked in her mirror and popped me off. This pissed me off, to say the least. I quickly dropped Kyle, who I was riding with, and took chase after the tan Toyota. I kept on top of her pretty well. As I was coming down the road a woman saw a car pass and cut me off into the opposite lane. Must've been stupid old lady night or something. Anyway, she got into a parking lot and I dropped it and went back for Kyle. The cool thing about it was that she had a vanity plate, DORT W. I sat there in front of Spin gawking at a gaggle of bikes, pride of bikes, a LOT of bikes. I got sad thinking how much I want to sell my Allez and get the 2009 Allez. It's sweet looking, I'll try to get a picture and post it. Digressing. So I sat in front of the shop mad as hell and debating calling the cops on her knowing that her car was in a funeral home parking lot and that she was inside the funeral home. I didn't have the heart to do it though.
Saturday was pretty useless in the training sense. I knew I wouldn't get to do anything cycling or workout related due to parties and a ball game at night. In the beloved words of the great philosopher Dave Matthews, "I eat too much, I drink too much, I want too much, too much." Yeah, so I had ball park food, and a few beers (in fairness it was Miller Lite, so I'm using the term beer VERY lightly). So, I'm not looking forward to the Monday morning weigh and measure. Although, Sunday was good and I got my core workout stuff accomplished for the Lean Look Challenge. We'll have to see what happens with the weighing and measurements to see if that had an effect. So, until tomorrow...


Bluenoser said...

Yes I'll post weight and measurements tomorrow also phun.


yeahdog said...

I've been meaning to ask you what app you use in the 'blogs that keep me from working section' that shows the title of the latest post - it's kind of neat and I'd like to try it myself.

Also, congrats on not calling the cops on a funeral guest - I don't think I would have had the restraint! ;)