30 July 2008

Weekly Roundup July 30

The Lean Look challenge is seemingly turning out to be a success, so far. I have to say, I’m quite happy how I feel, more great days than not, sometimes sore, sometimes like someone beat the hell out of me but always good. Bluenoser is also doing well, he broke 190! Way to go BN. Not much else to report, so with that my dear friends, I give you… The Weekly Roundup!

Bluenoser: Well, Bluenoser is the logical start again, and what better way than to start with his Tale Of The Tape Two. That’s right, Bluenoser chimes in with his weigh in and measurements. Congrats on that sub 190 weigh, I’m right behind you!

Let’s Rock…: Yeahdog chares her recent discovery of an article about Trail Lust. A trail along the Lake Superior shoreline called Superior Hiking Trail. This just leads me to two questions: 1) How close is it to ChrisMac, and 2) can you take a mountain bike on the bad boy? Guess I’ll have to read more to find out.

Cozy Beehive: This week Ron took on the daunting task of being Tagged With Additional Questions. He had some great answers to the questions posed by The Fat Cyclist, but the favorite that stuck out in my mind? The geek in me loved “I respect (Colnagos) name, their ISO…” That’s right folks, one of his favorite parts of Colnago is their ISO. Nice!

Fat Cyclist: I’m going to end this quickly with a question posed by Fatty. Simply, Why Do You Climb? He talks about his cycling, what drives him, and why he abuses himself the way he does. The blog culminates in an answer to his question, and in a profound way. Good luck figuring out what to do about Leadville, here’s hoping the shoulder is 100% for you Fatty!

So stop reading until tomorrow and get out and go for a ride, OK? As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.


Highwaymunky said...

Well Done Don! Keep it up.

yeahdog said...

Good question on the mountain bikes - I remember seeing that you could have dogs, but I can't remember if bikes were allowed or not. Not that dogs and bikes are at all the same, but I guess that's how my mind works.