10 July 2008

Weekly Roundup July 10

This week I’ve decided a couple of things. First, I’ve decided I NEED to start reading The Lean Look. Second, I’ve decided I need to get back into some exercising and flexibility work. Finally, I’ve concluded that once you add work and such to these, I need to keep this weeks Roundup short, sweet, to the point, and full of substance. With that my dear friends, I give you… The Weekly Roundup!

Harp Rides: I’m starting with Harp this week because I could appreciate his mood: Foul. The weather has SUCKED here. Inches of rain (plural) in an hour, puddles hanging out for days… It just sucks. On top of the fact it is just not possible to ride in fifteen inches (not a huge exaggeration, either) of rain and lightning, but I swear I have seasonal effective disorder. Brandon, it’s just GOT to get nicer, right?

Bike Munky: Munky returns with his explanation of his daily work ride. He decided he’d try taking the normal work ride and work on Stretching It Out. He upped his work commuter to 23 miles. He updated the distance and thought process, as well as updating his Secret Commute Bike Racing Club standings. I think this kind of thing might just work to guilting me into riding to work.

Fat Cyclist: Finally I want to take a minute to touch base on Fatcyclist. Fatty posted THEE most awesome, and addictive, game EVER in My Assessment After 3 Days Of The Tour: Awesome. Let me assure you, this post has almost NOTHING to do with the tour, and everything to do with his 14-year-old son’s awesome game called “Fat Cyclist’s Rolling Adventure”. It’s excellent, but clear you calendar for the day if you plan to try it. Also, Fatty debuted his new and improved jerseys for 2009! That’s right, the 2009 jersey’s are available to pre-order next week ONLY! The week of July 14 – July 20.. The new jerseys could be seen at Special Dark: 2009 Fat Cyclist Jersey Unveiled, and you can catch all of the details on how, when, where, and why there.

Well for now, try not to get too caught up in the Tour yet again this week, that should be hard. Get out and go for a ride, OK? As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

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