22 July 2008

Careful What You Wish: Part II

Back in May, the fourteenth I believe, I wrote an article called Careful What You Wish. It was about how I feel as though I ride superbly when I'm totally honked off. This is a bit different.
Lately I've been thinking to myself; "Hmmm, you know what? It would be awful nice if the park system would work on the trails a bit. I can't because they'd arrest my (butt), but they allow MTB riding so I shouldn't complain. I really do wish they would work on the trails though." The trails were getting pretty rutted and gnarly, as they are multipurpose. People walk, bike, and ride equine on them. I have a sneaking suspicion that the horses may have something to do with it. Yeah... they "worked on the trails." Read that as they dropped a metric sh__-ton of sand on them, and leveled it with a bulldozer. The problem was twofold.
First off: It's sand. Sand sucks. Sand is wicked difficult to ride on. You really can't turn, on account your tire digs in and gets burried.
Second: Sand is messy as hell. My bottles were COVERED with fine grains of sand after getting through with the extremely short amount of trail I made it through. I had to find a public bathroom in the area to wash my bottles off before I drank. Yeah, it was that bad and I'm that much of a prima-donna. Problem?
So, I went back today figuring it might be better after a week, a few good rains, and some time to pack down. It was like a giant wet sandbox with HUGE erosion problems. I guess this means it's time to find new trails. Definitely won't be so close though.
As far as the weight loss goes. One week into the thing here we go. *eat your heart out Bluenoser ;-)
193.8 pounds (down 4.5-damn those two beers on Sat)
15 neck (down an inch)
37 waist (down two inches)
23% Body Fat (down 2%)


Judi said...

Good job Phun. Swimming will also lean you out fast.

Cycling Phun said...

I've heard that! Unfortunately I am not wealthy enough to own a pool, and our "local pool" is about 20 or 30 minutes away by car. It sucks really. I just got back from a picnic on a farm. Fresh steaks, fresh cut fries and 2 light beers... ugh. DID do my core workout though. I'm thinking I'm back up one pound tomorrow. I hope not, but...