03 July 2008

Me And My Jimi Multi Media Case

That's right, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Not really, the truth of the matter is that I wanted to personally do a write up for the Multi Media Case, so I gave one to Gary over at CycloneCross but didn't ask for a review. I have to admit, though, I really hope he is enjoying the Multi Media Case and would love to welcome Gary to comment on his thoughts as well (hint) if he would like to or has the time to. Likewise Dave got a Game Shell, but they were so close I didn't think a write up on that was necessary. With that said I give you the last post in the "Week Of Jimi!" (Duhn duhn duhhhhh)
OK, so I am going to assume that the Media Case (Gary) and the Game Shell (Dave) have served their needs well for their respective owners. What I will say with far more assurance is that I have tested the living hell out of the both, and this is what I found. They seem like they could stand up through some serious abuse. While I was not willing to stomp on them or purposely try to break them they seem sturdy and the silicone inserts add a nice shock protection. The one thing I was willing to do was water test them. I took both in the shower (that's right guys, I was naked with them, not really but did it creep you out?) and they both fared pretty well in the shower. I would undoubtedly take a couple of SD cards or the like in a jersey pocket in the rain and not worry. They even floated well, and didn't take on water. I suppose if I boated I'd feel fine of it were on my key chain and the keys went over I'd still be cool. However, when I put the Multi Media underwater I noticed something, something I couldn't duplicate in the game case, it took on some light water. Light, but enough to freak me out if I fall into a lake and it gets submerged underwater. Best I could tell is this; if you look at the Multi Media Case with the silicone insert removed, you find the silicone plugs the holes in the case, and the silicone has holes for the SD cards as well. I think the water seeps into the holes in the case and under the silicone coming out directly where the hole for the HD card is, see this picture-click to pop bigger:The Game case does not have the holes in the silicone and I feel that is the difference. Personally, I don't think I'd ever want my cards underwater in anything.
The bottom line here is this: I would totally carry my extra cards in the case no matter what the weather looks like, and I wouldn't worry one bit about them. On the other hand, I wouldn't recommend that you swim with this thing in your pants. Although if you do, you probably deserve to have your digital media toasted... I just don't think it's EVER a good idea.
Thanks Mike (at Mr Smith Inc) for the goodies! I really appreciate you getting me, and the readers, some really cool stuff!
Readers, if you didn't get one, keep on the lookout, I have some more Jimi stuff to give away in the near future, I just need to decide how I'm going to do it. So keep on the lookout!
Im going to take Friday off for the Independence Day Holiday but I will, no doubt, have something to say Saturday after the first stage of the Tour de France. See you then, and (if you live in the States) Happy Fourth!!


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You have been tagged!


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