12 August 2008

Freakin' Weight

So I'm going to keep this short and sweet today, and express as much disgust in as little time as possible. Bluenoser and I are doing what we have called the Lean Look Challenge, based on the book The Lean Look. So far so good, with the exception of the fact that this weekend was "Anniversary Weekend Food From Hell Weekend." Friday night we had our tenth anniversary dinner, and appetizer, some drinks, and dessert. Saturday we had a birthday night out because Sunday was my wife's birthday, happy belated birthday honey!, so we had an appetizer, some drinks, and dinner... at about 9:00PM no less. Followed by birthday morning breakfast with the mother-in-law... at IHOP. I know, why she thought "IHOP would be, like, the best place ever to go" is beyond me, but, hey, it's her day, right? So when all was said and done the measurements remain the same, however, I am currently sitting at 193 as of Monday Morning. I have a strong feeling that this is almost all, if not all, water weight, due to sodium intake, or something that I just wouldn't understand even if it were explained to me. BUT! If someone wants explain the fact that I could tack on four or five pounds in a weekend, which I DO know is possible, I will gladly entertain the comments.
So, with that said, phase two of the Lean Look Challenge (From Hell) started today. As of right now my legs are cooked. I have muscles, especially in my legs, that I didn't even know I HAD that hurt. So, Advil, my cup of milk for bedtime protein replenishment, and then I crash for the night.
By the way: Would it be a good Idea to test the Olympic Swimmer Phelps? Not for drugs, mind you, to see if the kid is bionic!


Bluenoser said...

How are the chin ups phun?


Bluenoser said...

Ok Phun,

You had birthdays and aniversaries and I've had beer calming stress and the Olympics. But don't you really feel better? More powerful?

You're doing well bud.

So from here on in we giv'er bud.

Giv'er is a Canadian thing.


Bluenoser said...

So is Bud.

A canadaian thing.


That is.