11 August 2008

Proof Positive Mountain Biking Is A Different Beast

That's right folks, just because you've won the Tour de France seven times, doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to school the crew on the dirt tracks. That's not to discredit Lance Armstrong for his level of riding, fitness or anything else for that matter. Lance is awesome, and I think just about anyone out there would agree. It does show two things. One, and Lance said this himself, after not being on a bike in a seven hour race about four years he felt cooked. Also, I think there is a very distinct difference, and distinctly painful difference for that matter, between road and mountain cycling. Lance Armstrong put forth every effort in the Leadville 100 this year, and came in second place to Dave Wiens. Photo from VeloNews.com Wiens, who is a six time Leadville winner, took first place over Armstrong Photo from VeloNews.com with a record time of 6:45:45. Armstrong came in a very strong second at 6:47:41, after a crash in the last few miles. Manuel Prado came in third, more than thirty minutes later, at 7:20:52.
Also, Fat Cyclist gave a great performance finishing the race at 10:06 +/- on his WaltWorks single speed. Congrats on the great race, Fatty. Apparently his shoulder held out for the race, and he felt fantastic. Personally, I think they need to look into the mayo that was taped to his helmet.
Anyway, tomorrow, I'll be back with a look at the Lean Look Challenge for the week. The crew at work is going through a diet challenge of their own and I feel bad, but I'm going to pass on it and continue along the Lean Look program. I've come to the realization that it is far more beneficial to follow that path and gain strength, versus just losing weight. So for now, have a great day, talk to you more tomorrow.


Tom said...

Mountain biking is different... since this isn't his sport, shouldn't come in around tenth? Not exactly a Michael Jordan type switch. Second is awesome.

Cycling Phun said...

Tom: Hey... thanks for chiming in! That was kind of my point, it IS different, I think a lot more different then we realize. Second for Lance on his first time in, admittedly, his first real race of consequence in seven years I thought he did awesome.
By the way, Like the blog, man... Going to have to spend some time when I'm not at work digging into it.

steevo said...

Dissimilar, not different.

Look at Evans, Landis, Rasmussen, and I am sure tons of others who went from being the best offroad to the best onroad.

In the other direction there are dudes like Simoni who routinely does those crazy offroad races in the alps and wins. Lance came back and crushed NORBA nationals in the 90's.

2 minutes over 7 hours is pretty amazing considering that he claims to have only trained a month or so. Wiens has been doing this nonstop for 20 years and has raced the course a bunch too.

Wiens said it himself, it wasnt the guy who won 7 tours.