25 August 2008

A Weekend Of Phun

So I have to admit that I really want to try and dive into the whole cars and bikes subject just one more time, then bury it. I swear! Actually, more like dive into it, grab it, light it on fire, let it burn out, douse it in gasoline, light it again, sweep the ashes into an airtight jar, and THEN bury it. I just feel like it's getting way old, but people are passionate about it. As for right now, I really don't want that big of a buzz kill.
Friday-My Friday was freaking awesome. I went out to a farm owned by one of my wife's old high school friends. It was an awesome time. The families got together, hung out, played, went on hay rides, played with goats, saw other farm life, and just had a great time. Me being the geek that I am one of my first thoughts driving out there was how cool it would be to be this far out and be able to ride around in a place like this. That was quickly forgotten when I got on the farm. Admittedly I could easily get used to farm living. Save the fact I'm a lazy-ass when it comes to doing housework which probably doesn't lend itself well to farm life, but I could totally get into it. So we hung out, had some primo beers, by the way four words: Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale. Anniversary is an amazing beer. I love 'em hoppy and this delivers. Anniversary is an IPA that utilizes Cascade hops, as well as Chinook and Two-row pale, Caramel, and Munich malts. It's definitely not for the light beer crowd, and if you like beer with fruit in it, you too may want to skip it. Get it before it's gone! Anyway, we proceeded to Pizzi Cafe where we had some of the most insanely delicious pizza I've had in months. One was hot pepper cheese, tomatoes, garlic, and hot peppers. The second was Italian sausage, bell pepper, banana peppers, onions, and anchovies. We washed it all down with another fave Great Lakes Brewing, Dortmunder. Not overly hopped, not malty, just a subtle flavorful Lager. It goes great with anything really, especially cross races. Ooh, another post? Finished the night off with s'mores by the bonfire, it was super cool.
Saturday was chaos, but I did get a ride in. I got a fairly long ride, that I didn't track miles on, but it was long and hilly. Well, hilly as far as hills around here go. about a three hundred foot elevation change in an up, down, up, down manner. It felt great after indulging a bit Friday night. I have to admit, though, I weighed on Saturday morning and only found a two pound difference from Friday morning. Kevin and I were talking about beer once, and he insists that drinking good, real traditionally brewed beer is more healthful than mass produced. I may have to agree with him, especially since we drank a LOT of really good traditionally brewed beers. Digressing, I'm sure I'll get back to this point in a later post. It was a great ride, during an amazing sunset, most of which happened in an arboretum. Birds everywhere, quite roads, not many cars, no exhaust. Ahhhh, the life. Not to mention it was one of those amazing rides. You know the one; you're out pushing it just over what you feel lie you can actually take. You feel like you just don't have anything left in you. You sit back just long enough to open up your lungs, and breathe deep, and that's when you do it. You jump up on the pedals and just put every single bit of energy into hitting the top of the hill. When you arrive, you grab your bottle, take a few deep breaths, and with legs burning you look down the hill and smile with glee. I'm getting better at this hill thing. I think I'm actually starting to like it.
Sunday was a lot of walking, and a story that would bore the daylights out of you so I'll stop right there. The upside? Weight was one pound back to my sub 185 Friday weigh in. That's right, 185.2 pounds. So, I'm hoping that the walking, with the cycling added from yesterday and the core working today to make up for Friday, I'll start my week in the sub 185 category. I'm anxious for a report from Bluenoser on his weight loss, hint Thomas (wink).
Well, that's all I've got for now. Hope you had a great weekend.

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