04 August 2008

Weekend Riding & Fitness Recap

So, this weekend was a bit backwards due to inclement weather. Friday was the night of ridiculous storms, so I moved the strength intervals to Friday night and the bike intervals to Saturday morning. The strength portion is going awesome, as is the cycling intervals. The rides are kind of boring, on account they are of a purely utilitarian nation, but I'm still really psyched about them none the less. I've noticed changes already. Not just weight or measurements, but how I feel overall. I actually called my wife Sunday morning after my ride and was beaming at how good it felt. For once I finally felt like I imagine I should feel when I ride.
As far as the ride goes... Saturday I spun around for quite some time on the mountain bike. I did some light trail, but mostly a road based commute. The commute wound up at Spin, which was good on account there was a knocking in the front wheel. Turns out Don at Spin messed with the front wheel and it was, "looser than most I've seen." Pretty sick, no? So he trued up the wheel since I didn't get it tightened when I had it in for the thirty day tune-up so he banged it out real quick, need to get them some brews or something for that, and it rides like a dream. After riding around for a couple hours I did my intervals and was done for the day. Sunday was awesome. Got together with Don from Spin (I'm kinda whoring myself out with all of the Spin name drops, aren't I?!) and hit the Maple Highland Trail in Chardon. Great little trail, I tell you. I only managed to bang out about twenty-five miles before I had to bail on the ride for Church. The cool part of the twenty-five miles is this: I managed to pace Don pretty well (even though I'm pretty sure he was holding back more than a couple of times), I felt really good, no pain, lungs felt pretty great, and I managed to average 17.3 on my computer once all was said and done. Let me postscript that by saying about 7 miles into it I meant to get my computer to time but accidentally erased it. I was at 17.6 Avg, and at the end of end of the ride I was still showing 17.3 Avg., so I'll go with 17.3 Avg. Sure seems as though the Lean Look challenge is paying off.
Well, that's all for now, OH! and measurements for this morning:
190.4 , 15.5 neck, 36 waist, 20% body-fat... by the book.

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