05 August 2008


OK, while this IS in fact bike related, I'll preface it by saying most of the women reading this might want to tune out. Not because it's bad, or sexist, r anything like that for that matter. but because it's SO totally a guy moment. OK, now that I got that out of the way...
Guys, remember when you saw your first "naughty" picture as a teenager. There was a minute of awkwardness, then you were kinda digging what you saw, then you spent about five days trying to explain it to your friends? Right, so that's how I am with bikes. Is that normal? I see a bike and think, "man... if I had to, I could sell _____ and TOTALLY afford that. I know, I know, I don't NEED it, but man is it sexy. I wonder how different it would ride than my _____ bike. Ughhhhhh."
So imagine my surprise when I walked into Spin and saw this beauty. That's right folks, the `09 Specialized Allez. Mind you, this one is only the base model, but I have to imagine the whole `09 Allez lineup will follow suit in the frame changes. For a reference this is the `07 Allez Elite Double, mine to be exact. You'll notice a few differences. One is the fact that the picture of the `09, take on my phone, sucks big time. The reason behind this is that the camera on my phone, in fact, sucks big time. Two, you'll notice that the `09 Allez frame is approximately 62.74% sexier than the `07 (and `08 for that matter) Frame. A large part of this is due to... Three the top tube, while aluminum, is almost identical to the specialized carbon bikes. Also, I am a huge fan, I guess you could say this is number four, of the finish. It's a matte finish. Almost like a satin Ti (but black) or like a ceramic blasted frame. I'm dying to see how the mid to high end components work out for this bike this year, as the base line leaves a bit to be desired. Not bad, for a base line bike, but base line.
This leads to an interesting proposal to Specialized. I would love to ride the hell out of the `09 Allez. If you guys want to send one out for me to review, I'd forever be indebted to you. Oh, and if you want to send a pair of Arcs I wouldn't complain either. Just a suggestion.


Highwaymunky said...

mmmm Allez!!

It is pretty sexy!

Bluenoser said...

You've got it bad boy.