01 August 2008

Take THAT Bluenoser

So I kind of got lost in the last couple of posts, and I totally forgot to post the best part of the change for the better yesterday. As of Wednesday I too, just like Bluenoser, have broken the 190 mark. Wednesday morning I officially weighed in at 189.6! I know it's not huge, and I realize that just before Thanksgiving I was at 187 or something, but I've been anxious to be out of the 190's again. I'd like to thank God, my parents for believing in me, my wife... my wife (sob) is my rock (if you are a Cleveland Indians fan remember back to Jim Thome's leaving Cleveland speech)... OK, enough of that. It got way too busy anyway. So my next goal, being realistic and all, is to get out of 180's by September 1. Does that seem realistic, too easy, I just don't know. My wife thinks I'm crazy, and I think she might be starting to worry about me.
Well, to be honest, that's all I have for you guys right now. Hopefully I'll have some cool news over the weekend to report, but likely I'll spend the time riding and forget. Saturday morning an "urban assault" ride on the mountain bike on mixed pavement and trails, back to where I got mirror sexed in the leg last week. Hopefully it'll turn out better. Over to Spin to look at toys and stuff, and then out from there wherever the streets take me. Sunday I'm hoping and praying I get a good solid ride in on the road bike. I've been so cheating on my first love with the newer, flashier, hot babe... ie the MTB. and Monday the intervals resume!
Also, coming up real soon; I think it might just be time to give away some more Jimi product! Mike over at Mr Smith got me some more Jimi to give away, now I just need to think of how I'll do it.
Have a great weekend, talk to you sometime tomorrow or Sunday!


Bluenoser said...

Welcome to the club bub. I think 185 by sept 1 would be a lot more realistic because in the second phase things ramp up a bit and you'll be building up more muscle.

If you can't chin-up start practicing. he he he.


Judi said...

I am with B. You don't want to lose too much too fast.