15 August 2008

Totally Cooked

So, and Bluenoser will likely bag on me for this, if you're a regular you know that Bluenoser and I are doing what we (er, I anyway) like to call the Lean Look Challenge. We're basically working out per the book The Lean Look, well at least Bluenoser is. I'm not sure exactly what the heck happened but I'm on day two of skipping out on the Lean Look Challenge. Monday I did day one, week five and it felt really good. I felt spent, but it was a good spent. Tuesday I woke up and it felt like someone took a lead pipe to my quads and hamstring. Stick a fork in them they were done, cooked, kaput, shot, depleted, burnt out, finished,conked out, and overall just not feeling well. I went through the day, doped up a bit on Advil, and banged out the two minute intervals... on hills no less. Anyway, I have a feeling that was a stupid, nay moronic, idea. Wednesday I almost couldn't get out of bed, and today walking and standing is still making me cringe. If I could find a positive side, the weight is still coming off.
My hope is to get back into the strength portion tonight, three minute intervals on Saturday, and a fun but long ride on Sunday. Sidebar: If you're near Cleveland and want to do a fairly fun ride on the Ohio Erie Canal Towpath Trail let me know... the more the merrier.


Bluenoser said...

No pain... you know the rest.

Try some tenderizer.


Cycling Phun said...

Brother, I could hardly walk! I got a really good ride in today, and it was still painful. Admittedly it did feel good though.
Hey, Don't you "owe me" and email from a while back?


Bluenoser said...

Olympics take all priority at the moment.

Except workouts.