19 August 2008

Holy Michael Phelps! & Fitness Update

Seriously, they want to test every rider on the tour for drugs but we're not testing this guy? Honestly? Mind you, I'm not saying that I think he was doping, no. I am, however, intimating that we may want to test him to see if he's freakin' bionic. I just don't get it. How could one person be so awesome? Jeez... Anyway, I personally feel that Michael should try the Tour de France. Serious. Get him on a bike, and see what he could do. His level of fitness is unbelievable, his heart beats twice the amount of blood (8 gal/min vs the normal 4 gal/min) as the average man, for goodness sake. I think this guy might give ol' Mellow Johnny (Lance Armstrong for the newbs) a run for his money. Alright, enough of me going gah over Michael, but quickly for the ladies (my wife included)... (Click it and it pops to bigger, don't day I never give you anything)
OK, fitness time. So I had to put the lower body stuff on hold last week due to Totally Cooked my legs on Monday. I don't know what I did, but Monday the side of my thigh was killing me, and rather than do the smart thing and take it easy on the cycling intervals Tuesday I went as hard as I could... and on hills. Wednesday and a good deal of Thursday I could hardly walk, by Friday it was a bit better, but still a LOT of pain, Saturday was tolerable, and I did a lot of walking and by Sunday I did about 25 miles (or so) fairly leisurely and felt OK. The whole time I managed to keep up upper body strength as to not totally blow it, and it must have worked. As of the Monday morning weight here's where I'm at:
Neck: 15.5
Waist: 35
Body Fat: 18! (This is at high goal now)
Weight: 186.0
I'm hoping that with working out a bit today, but still nursing the legs a bit, I will break the 185 mark Wednesday. That is a bit of a goal. Also, taking a trip to a farm this weekend. I know there will be good eating and drinking, so I hope to not totally blow it then. Admittedly, I will allow myself some beers and maybe I'll just need to push harder Saturday and Sunday. I'm anxious to see what Bluenoser is looking like up in Nova Scotia. Cheers, brother! Here's to our health!

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Highwaymunky said...

keep going steady and you'll come back with stronger legs!