27 August 2008

Weekly Roundup August 27

Well the 2008 Summer Olympics are over! WOO HOO! I am so happy, not that I disliked the Olympics, no… I finally get to go to bed before 1:00 or 2:00AM. So, I’d like to off you up a fresh and renewed Weekly Roundup! A day lat, yes, but hopefully worth the wait!

Fat Cyclist: Though I have yet to compete in a race, I can certainly share the pain the Fatty feels, when you legs go Online/Offline. I’ve been there and got that shirt. You feel like a pro for weeks, then suddenly it’s all gone. Your legs just don’t have any more juice in them. Or coming off of a long winter of half assing your training, and then trying that climb that you spent all of the late summer and fall cleaning, only to find that you’re riding it as if were the first time you ever jumped on a bike.

Cozy Beehive: Ron at the Beehive throws together a few interesting articles here. It has information about how Moulton Stops Blogging, Lances Leadville Machine, & A Cycling Injury Checklist. Some of it is just creepy scary, the crashes, and there’s some really cool info on the bike Lance rode in Leadville and how you could get a sweet “semi-custom” Madone from Trek.

Ray’s Racing Adventures: Ray appears to be ready for what is right around the corner. That’s right Cyclocross Is Coming, Thank You Is Not Enough. Why the thank yous? Apparently Ray got a sweet hookup from one of the coolest bike builders, Zak Dieringer. I’ve seen quite a few of Zak’s bikes now, and I have to say, I love how finished they are, and Zak’s attention to details. His work is great. If you want a Dieringer, talk to the guys at Spin and I’m sure someone will be able to get you in contact with him.

Highway Munky: I can’t really comment too much on Munky’s. He’s been on hiatus, but he’s been putting up some cool pictures. Check `em out on Highway Munky’s site.

Harp Rider: Harp also had a nice 1/2 Century and posted quite a pictorial of the ride.

OK< now that you read this, get outside and get a couple rides in this Labor Day weekend. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

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