07 August 2008

Cycling Phun News: Leadville 100

07 August 2008
Cycling Phun Phake News Service
Cycling Phun SAG Wagon At Leadville

As many of you know this Saturday is the famous Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race. This years race will be graced by none other than the seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. You'd think that would be the big news, right? Not this year. The big news this year is the world premier of the Cycling Phun SAG Wagon. That's right folks Cycling Phun is officially sponsoring a SAG wagon. Don't know what a SAG wagon is? Neither did we, so we took a wild guess and viola! The Cycling Phun SAG Wagon: Service And Gelato! We figured, what the hell are you going to do whilst our service team is changing out a chain ring, or fixing your hydraulic discs? You could be enjoying homemade Gelato from none other than the world famous Gelateria de Parma Italia. This year they will be debuting an extra special Margarita Gelato especially for Fatty, they've heard he really loves the Margarita Shot Blox. We are also currently working out a deal to carry Carbo Rocket as well, but we have been unable to contact the Carbo Rocket representatives. OK, that's a lie, we just forgot to, but we do intend to... and our intentions are good. I promise.
So remember, when your out on the trails at the Leadville, keep an eye open for the CPSAGW (Cycling Phun SAG Wagon-CPSAGW is just so much more trendy... just decided that).


Highwaymunky said...

What you're not racing! Next year dude, that should be your winter training target to do the 2009 Leadville 100!

Cycling Phun said...

I actually had the half-cocked idea last night: "Hmmm, what are the odds I could pull off the Silver Rush 50 next year?!" To be honest, I'm just not that confident in my riding, yet...