24 November 2008

Like Crack, Or As Bad As The High From Riding A Bike

Alright, so I realize that this blog is a cycling related blog but guess what? I have poetic license! That’s right, it’s my blog so I’m going to do what I want to. What do I mean? Simple, 24! I am a GEEK for 24, and since today was “24: Redemption” I am going to geek out on that!

So I have to admit, I don’t know if I could last till 11/01/2009 for more ’24’. Note: by that I mean 11 January 2009. Anyway, after seeing 24 redemption I am so geeked for 24, Season 7, to start in a month and a half! If you haven’t watched 24 so far, this looks like a good season to get addicted, er, start. There are a few warnings though before you go, just, willy nilly watching 24.

Do NOT watch 24 if you have better things to do. Why? It’s simple. 24 is like crack! You watch some of one episode, and next thing you know, your twitching until you get your fix. God forbid you need to Tivo® an episode, you’ll watch the thing the next time you’re in the same room as the TV you Tivo®ed it on. Seroiusly! My wife SWORE, up and down, that she would NEVER get into it. RIIIGHT! She saw, about, eight minutes of it, and is now hooked!

Do NOT watch 24 if you don’t like to talk to your TV. OH yeah, you’ll be talking to the TV as you watch it. Talking, critiquing, screaming at your TV while you watch the show. You become THAT involved in the show. There are few shows that are this addictive. Fringe is also one of those shows… I digress. Fringe is another subject. I will talk about that later, or maybe not. BUT, if you haven’t seen Fringe, I recommend that you let that consume your life, er, check out Fringe also. Great show.

Finally, do NOT watch 24 if you cannot let a TV show completely take over your ever thought, if not soul! Again, the show is roughly as addictive as crack! For real! You will watch a show, and spend every waking moment and thought on the next weeks show. You will want to check out web spoiler sights, blogs, fox.com, and anything else that might be talking about 24 at this time. Heck, if you guys are interest I might consider talking 24 one night a week. Just throwing it out.

Anyway, I have to apologize ahead of time. I will likely interject a few 24 moments into the blog, going forward, once 24 starts in January. Again, if you aren’t watching, let me recommend it to you, and apologize for getting you hooked on it in advance.

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