18 November 2008

This May Be A First For Me

I am going to do something here that is in poor blogging fashion. I have NOTHING to say. That might just be a first for me! Seriously, have you ever been here? I've been trying to kick this colds butt for, at least, two weeks now. Every time it starts to clear, I get another one from the office, from friends, what ever the case might be. I've been on my bike exactly three times since Cross My Heart, yeah... like, a month ago. I've become stagnant and I don't know why, but in true "Don Fashion" I have a couple thoughts.

First, and most plausible since this is seemingly a yearly occurrence...
Seasonal Affective Disorder: That's right, the good old winter depression. According to US National Library of Medicine "some people experience a serious mood change when the seasons change. They may sleep too much, have little energy, and crave sweets and starchy foods. They may also feel depressed." The days get shorter,I get groggy, I crave "comfort food" (read that as fattening foods, read that as a biscuit covered in mashed potatoes, smothered in country gravy, topped with country fried chicken, and cheddar cheese. Right, low fat, I know.)

Cutback in Chiropractic: This is as painful to me as it sounds. My Chiropractor, who by the way is thee bomb!, has my back where he wants it to be. So, I'm down to once a week from three times a week now. That has me a bit depressed. If you've never tried chiropractic, it is the best thing on earth! You really have NO idea what you're missing.

Riding: Finally, riding. With the shortened days, comes a slight cutback in outdoor riding. I've already expressed how much I (don't) LOVE riding rollers! When the sun comes up around 8:00AM and goes down at 5:00PM and you work from 8:00AM-after 5:00PM it poses a problem. I need to rethink how I'm going to get a light set up for the MTB, and pray that riding in the dark in snow doesn't get me killed. Also, have you noticed that NOT getting out makes you more tired than pounding out a two or three hour ride? If I ride for a few hours, I'm wired! When I don't get out, I'm useless!

So, there you have it. For not having much to say, I think I actually said quite a bit. Hmmmm, so much for that.

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Highwaymunky said...

Don, Riding in the dark and snow just requires you not to fear pain, You will be whipped by branches, slip into ditches all the while riding stuff that you would probably get off and walk around if you could see it!
It's fun!