17 November 2008

UPDATED! What Better Way To Start Your Week? A Free Calendar & Beautiful Women!

Hey, OK... So I have a feeling that people might be checking but figuring that someone already snatched up the calendar... They haven't. Furthermore I know SOMEONE out there wants a calendar man! Did I throw you off with a question? I'll throw out a hint to answer the question, ready? I have a big ad for Spin, the LBS, on the right hand sidebar. OK? And the race was exactly a month ago... C'mon! (heh heh heh)
Seriously though, someone just send the answer(s) to me so I can ship this calendar off to you.

Cyclepassion has come through once again! Incase you didn't see the post a couple of weeks ago, I've got a calendar to give away! Thats right, the 2009 Calendars are out, and I'm going to give you, what's likely your first chance, to win one. I'm footing the bill on shipping these bad boys, so I am going to ask a favor. Please keep it to US and Canada... these things are, like, $10 to ship within the US, I don't want to spend as much as the calendar is worth to send it to the UK, or Australia, or something, sorry (puppy dog eyes, and a cute smile).

What does this mean to you? Twelve months of looking at scenes like this...I think you could handle that, right?

So, here's how it goes down. You want the calendar, you need to answer a question. The answer is (almost too easy to find) in this blog somewhere. Be the first to answer the question, and she... will be delivering you your very own Cyclepassion calendar! **OK, that was a lie, but I WILL send you one of your very own calendars to enjoy! So without further adieu, the question:

What is my favorite LBS (Local Bike Shop) that I talk about often in my blog?
Bonus Question (For a Jimi Products Game Shell). What race did they recently (like in the last month) sponsor?

Well there you have it. Click on the contact me at the top right hand of this page, the top of the sidebar, send me your answer, and if your the first to answer it correctly you'll get the calendar. If you don't win you can always order one at 2009 Cyclepassion Calendar Order Page, or just wait and see... Maybe I'll have another one coming up soon! *wink, nudge*

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