26 November 2008

Thanksgiving Feast '09

I simply cannot wait! Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year, mainly because of the food! Today the fun starts. A half day at the office, followed by an early dinner, followed by Thanksgiving Dinner prep! So what will I be doing this year for the Thanksgiving Feast? Glad you asked...

I will start things off with miscellaneous appetizer pastries, and my world famous beer cheese spread on water crackers. This stuff is the bomb, I only make it for Thanksgiving, for some reason, and I always have a bottle of Christmas Ale with it.

After that its straight to the dinner. This year I will be making a twenty-one pound stuffed turkey, stuffed! That's right, I stuff the bird. Sorry if you think that stuffing a bird is wrong, I'm willing to take the risk. The stuffing is my wife's family recipe, and it's the best stuff on Earth. It's made with bread (duh), celery, onion, parsley, pork, beef, veal, and offal (innards). It is so delicious, and is great sliced thin on a turkey sandwich around 8:00 PM. More on that later. Also, Fatty's Mashed Potatoes, these things are THEE bomb!, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, green bean casserole, and dinner rolls. The accompanying drink? Christmas Ale

For dessert, we will have pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pie, anything else that is brought by parents and in-laws, and (yeah, you guessed it) Christmas Ale.

So from my family to yours, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and remember to give thanks for all of life's little blessings!