21 November 2008

Cycling Phun On Phacebook, Er, Facebook

Ah the joys of social networking. Taking a page out of the Wah playbook, I have moved Cycling Phun into a whole new realm. After reading through many months, nay, years of The Wah Report, and reading countless articles on the importance of the social marketing and networking scene Cycling Phun now has a group on facebook! I cannot believe it took me this long to do it, but I finally pulled the trigger and set up a group. Already a couple of regulars have joined up. Thanks to Wah (Jared), Miles And Madness (Judi), and Let's Rock... (Lisa) for being the first to jump on board! Bluenoser of 50K Loop NS also joined, but for some reason his info is not showing, hopefully he'll remedy that soon!
My whole plan for this is simple. A way for regular readers, as well as casual readers to get together and chat. A way for people throwing a leg over a saddle for fun, avid cyclists, and the guys pounding it for the points to get together and talk about riding. A way to share stories, ideas, ask questions, get answers and just have fun. That's really what I've always hoped the blog would be, and that's the kind of community I would love to build. Cycling Phun on facebook, dare I dub it "phunbook"?, is just an extension of that idea, and a good starting point on what I hope Phun can become.
So, please feel free to jump over to facebook, and add yourself to the group. It's simple, just go to the Cycling Phun facebook group and click "join this group".
Hope to see you there and, as always, hope you're having Phun!

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Groover said...

Hi Don, I just send through the request. Great idea!