14 November 2008

Thoughts On Winter

With the weather calling for snow, yet again, this weekend I have come to a realization. I have a huge problem with the change in the weather. Mind you, I like the autumn and furthermore I would take that so far as to say that I live for the leaves changing. I love when the humidity clears from the air and it is warm, but not sticky. I like being able to pound a trail, listening to the leaves rustle under mountain bike tires as they get kicked up while bombing down a hill.

I like the winter and the snow that comes with it. There is nothing more pure or majestic than peering out your window and seeing everything blanketed in pure white.

That’s not to say that it’s perfect, however. The problem that I have is in how it messes with my riding. I like to ride, outdoors. I’m not the kind of guy who can motivate myself to enjoy very many things if I have to enjoy them indoors. I am capable of riding rollers a bit, but I hate it. I have a strong feeling that if I had a fluid trainer I would hate that too. It’s just not the same as getting out and catching the scenery. Feeling the breeze, hearing the sounds… I just can’t get into the idea of riding inside.

Luckily there are paths near my home that, while they are not the greatest, will do in a pinch. This comes in very handy in the winter, as the paths are crushed limestone, and hold up really well under snow, while wet, when frozen, etc. Further, people love to walk the trails ALL THE TIME. Why is that important? It packs what snow is there down, and makes it super easy, er as easy as it could be riding on snow and ice, to ride on the snow-covered trails.

Only time will tell what happens this year in Cleveland, as far as the snowfall totals. Rest assured, one way or another I WILL be riding this winter. If I have to throw screws into old tires and put those on my bike for the winter, or if I need to spend time driving out to Ray’s (more on Ray’s to come), I WILL be riding this winter!

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Ray Huang said...

Not much consolation, but 45 minutes on the trainer twice a week could raise your power you can sustain on the road considerably. And 45 minutes actually goes by quite quickly. 10 minute warm up and cool down and then pack the middle with different mind blowing (and leg sapping) intervals.