18 December 2008

Crazy Week, Weekly Roundup To Come Tomorrow... I Promise!

Let me be the first to be two days late on the Weekly Roundup post. I have had a deluge of work at the office, believe it or not, and just typical holiday chaos. The good side is with that comes family, good health, and great friends, so I really cannot complain. The downside is that things that can wait, have to. So, again, tomorrow I'll do you right with a Weekly roundup.

Also, if you are able and willing to donate to Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF), I will be riding in the Philly Leg of the LIVESTRONG Challenge. I have started the journey to reach my goal of raising $2,500 for LAF and my participation in the 2009 Philadelphia leg of the LIVESTRONG Challenge. If you would like to help and donate to LAF on behalf of my fundraising effort, you can go to my secure LAF Page HERE, and make a secure donation. You can also track how I am doing, and there is a link to donate on the right hand sidebar of this blog. Thank you so much to those family, friends, and strangers who have donated, and in advance to those of you who will!

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