01 December 2008

Thanksgiving Regret - The Ride: A Not So Good Idea?

So Friday I wrote a nice little post about my Thanksgiving Ride. If you haven't checked it out yet, go to the Friday post, check it out, and then come back here. Trust me, It'll just be easier to understand the rest of this. I'll wait... go.

OK, so we're all on the same page, right? Good. So I got a short ride in on Thanksgiving. It was cold, there was snow, I was breathing hard, the lungs felt like butt! I'm extraordinarily happy that I didn't go into an asthma attack, as I left the inhaler at home (for the record this was a stoopit idea). Anyway, I got home and was feeling the ride in my lungs, but I didn't think about it. I got in the shower and finished the Turkey Day dinner stuff, and went about my business eating and drinking myself into a food and, to a smaller extent, alcohol induced coma! It was, however a really nice Thanksgiving and a great dinner. I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty decent cook, and so is the wife.

So I crashed a bit early on account I was going to shop Friday, and I was tired from the days events. I felt like I was going to die the entire night! I woke up countless times, and was just in pain. The lungs haven't felt right since it was cold. Got up early and hit the shower. Weighed myself, a full five pounds high than I was Wednesday, and left to shop with my wife and about twenty-two million insane people. All of whom were extremely nice, and very conversational. It's amazing what you learn about people when you're in line with them for thirty minutes or more. On a positive note here, Im down from what used to be a forty waist to a THIRTY THREE! I haven't worn a thirty three since early in high school! So while I am seemingly stagnating in the middle to high one seventies, my waistline is making me happy.

To finish the long story, I spent the rest of the weekend hanging out. Swam on Saturday, just hung out and enjoyed the rest of the holiday weekend, but the lungs felt tight and hurt pretty much the entire time. Still can't shake the cold 100%, and just feel like crud! Anyone have any suggestions on how to build up lungs? I'd love to hear em. Hope you all had a great weekend too, been enjoying the blogs over the weekend. Keep reading and (for those of you who do) writing!


Bluenoser said...

Sorry to hear about the lungs there phunster. Nice to see that the workouts and Lean Look is working for you. Keep losing weight like that and you'll be two feet tall and back in diapers before the end of next year.

Just kidding. I put on 10 lbs myself over my two weeks off work. Back to business on all fronts today.


Groover said...

I was thinking about commenting on your weight loss when I saw your photos (over on fb) but then thought "Better not!" as I wasn't too sure which direction it was heading ... hehehe. Good job on the waist front.

Sorry to hear about the lungs but can't give you advise on this. I haven't ridden in conditions like this since I left Europe some nine years ago.